Friday, June 10

I am having a summer romance...

...with the items listed below. Gotcha.

1. Diva Espresso. This local coffee shop is nestled right by my work, and ever since discovering that they have rice milk, I find myself fighting the urge to take K-Bear (this is the name by which I will refer the little baby girl I nanny) in her Ergo to get myself scrumtious iced vanilla rice milk lattes. Not to mention, they also have the most magical tasting vegan raspberry scones. Ohmygosh.

2. Alba Botanica sunscreen. Because if you know me, you know I lather on the suncreen like it's going out of style. It may be a little pricier than most mainstream brands, but it's totally worth it. I love protecting my skin from the sun, and so should you! Skin cancer is not beautiful. Or premature wrinkles. Or peeling skin. Gross.  And this particular brand of sunscreen is organic and natural, offering a superior level of protection because it's not hopped up on chemicals that your body will absorb. I usually buy mine from Whole Foods, but I'm sure there are many other places that carry it and other natural sunscreens! Note to readers: don't be fooled by high SPFs, you really only need about an SPF30, and reapply reapply reapply!

3. My new one-piece swimsuit; a bandeau shirred one-piece! I hate wearing swimsuits. In recent years, if convinced to get into a pool at all, I donned a tank and soffe shorts; super hot, I know. But I just cannot bear the thought of baring my body to the world. Shudder. Since last summer, I have been ogling the styles of old; nice, classy, conservative. You can find this style of suit in many colors and patterns on Target's website.

4. My summer reading list.

5. So Delicious coconut milk ice cream. Whatthewhat. Yeah, it's so delicious. That's all I can say.

6. Kimberly Snyder and her new book, The Beauty Detox Solution. I am a huge fan and advocate for this woman and her book.  I saw her appear on the Today show, and imediately ordered the book off amazon. A week later it arrived, and a week after that I had read it cover to cover.  I highly reccomend this book to anyone, and I think if you're looking for an easy and sensible way to be healthy and eat well, this is for you. Kimberly is not only intelligent, but seems to be the nicest person ever. On her blog, she seriously answers every single comment...and there are humdreds of people writing to ask her questions and/or give comments. check. it. out.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.

34 days, friends.

That's all for now. What are your summer must haves??



    I'm going to write a summer reading list, I want to read eating animals, i've heard great things about it.

    I hope you are super well. I sent you a little letter, you should get it soon :) xxx.x.x

    And that would be awesome if you read eating animals! Just because I love discussing books, and it would be neat to hear your feedback on it, I heard great things as well! seems like it will be really interesting.

  3. Harry Potter, SOOOO STOKED! :)
    I also really want to read "Eating Animals"...Jonathon Safran Foer is an amazing writer!

  4. Jada, I'm so glad you're a HP fan too! Oh you should...I'd like to hear how you like it too!

  5. ok, i think i'd go to the diva coffee place like everyday, that cup is awesome and would be fun to carry around!!!!

  6. What great list! I love local coffee shops.

  7. I was all...gosh i haven't blogged in forever and then i came here, haha :)

  8. i am craving for that latte with rice milk!


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