about me

hi, i'm kalie!

and i'm so glad you've found your way here.

i am supposing that since you clicked the "about" button, that maybe you are expecting to read about who i am a little bit. i think i can help you out, but sometimes explaining yourself is a hard thing to do. do you know what i mean? anyways, i'll try.

i live in the pacific northwest. seattle, more specifically. this has not always been the case, but i am grateful it is now. my opinion is that is the most beautiful place to live, even if i haven't lived in that many places and may not be the foremost expert on that topic. 

something you will find me talking about almost constantly is my cats, and really just cats in general. i am the proud mother of two: gypsy willow cat, who is orange and sweet and perfect. and william shakespurr, who is forever wearing a tuxedo and who is ornery, but also the snuggliest. 

if i am not talking about cats, then the topic will more than likely be one of the following: harry potter, crafts (particularly of the yarn variety. crocheting, specifically), books, sustainability, vegan food, friends, coffee and poetry. there are other things i am sure, but nothing as much as the above things. 

kindness is one of the most important things in the world to me. kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion and generosity. i often lack in these areas. but i value them profoundly. 

i am very close to being as introverted as a human being can possibly be. but, even so, i love making new friends. friends renew and embolden the soul. they are good for you. on a related note, do you want to be friends?? 

um, what else? oh, i was in two spelling bees in elementary school. i won neither, and am convinced i would have done much better if it weren't for the terrible fact that a crowd watches the entire ordeal. to this day, i still one hundred percent believe that i did indeed spell 'millionaire' correctly, but was misheard, due to my soft-spoken voice. damn it. 

annnnnd, that's all i guess. oh, well except, i like this quote a lot:

 "I will have poetry in my life. And adventure. And love. Love above all. No! Not the artful postures of love, but love that overthrows life. Unbiddable, ungovernable, like a riot in the heart, and nothing to be done, come ruin or rapture. Love as there has never been in a play." - shakespear in love

p.s., look at my cats! :

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