Sunday, July 31

the end of an era/happy birthday

I know it's unecessary to apologize for being away from my own blog, but I am sorry for being so out of touch with you all lately! Ever since our downstairs neighbor vanished in the night along with his interenet, my blogging excursions are limited to when I can get away to the library and snag a computer. So here I am, and there you go.

Before any other topic can be blogged however, there is one in particular that cannot go unnoticed or postponed any longer...

(Dobby, Hedwig, Luna, McGonagall, The Golden Snitch. Note top: Draco Malfoy, and Arnold the Pygmy Puff)

You knew it was coming.  After months, days, and minutes of countdown, the end finally came and went, leaving the bittersweetness to settle over us all. We love you, Harry.

We love him so much, in fact, that we had a little birthday celebration for him (today is his birthday), complete with butterbeer and cupcakes!

Fellow fans out there, did you go to the midnight premiere/see the movie yet? What did you think? And how are you feeling?

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  1. Your costumes are all amazing!

    I went to the midnight premier and dressed up as Hermione, and was the only one in my group of friends who did, talk about the odd one out. But, it was amazing all the same. I laughed and cheered along with everyone else, crying at every scene with Snape in. Seen it twice more since then. :D

    Melancholy has set in now, and though I'm excited for Pottermore the thought of no more books or movies saddens me. Growing up with Harry and has given him a little (alright, big) place in my heart.

    I adore the layout of your blog. ♥


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