Tuesday, June 7

the day we almost had sunshine

We took the bus downtown to Pike Place market the other day to buy some flowers. I didn't know where to put the money on the bus and got really flustered and found myself apologizing to the driver, "I'm sorry, I just don't do this often!" doh.

But after that was sorted out and I learned that the dollar bills indeed need to be inserted into the slot that has the little money sign, it turned out to be a very fun trip in and we found a beautiful bouquet for only five dollars, and now it sits pretty on our dining room table. 

New, exciting developments are in store, but I won't get into them now; I have news to share soon, though! I'll leave with that. Have a wonderful night! (or morning, or afternoon).


  1. Hey Kalie! I like the new look of your blog! Sounds like a fun day out. Don't worry about the bus, I usually have the same problem with public transporation. They're all so different.

  2. So it's not just me then! Whew. And thanks! Gotta switch it up every now and then!

  3. your trip to pike place sounds great, it's one of my favorite places I think and i've ALWAYS wanted to buy flowers there so i'm jealous :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day!
    Your blog is lovely! :)


  5. Kalie, you are the sweetest- thanks so much for your wonderful words on my blog!! I'll be sure to post the first article with HelloGiggles once it gets published (and I'll be tweeting the crap out of it too, I'm beyond excited for it!). Your bus experience reminds me of my first time riding. I was all, do you guys accept dimes? Oh goodness did I bring the lolz on that ride.


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