Tuesday, June 19

playing catch-up


sometimes that is all that is needed. is time. sometimes words are all run out. and you feel so many things and nothing at all, at the same time. which sounds contradictory, but it isn't when you are there.

in my small respite from the blogging world, i have been up to a few things here and there. for one, i moved. across town. did you know this: moving is a huge, honking, pain in the ass. i thought i was going to have a melt down. actually, i did have a melt down. multiple times. but that's normal, probably? either way, at least that part is kind of over. until, you know, august. then i'll do it again. so.

also, you guys. i have been watching television. my temporary home is the residence of, well, one) someone who is very great and generous for lending their living quarters, and, two) a massive abundance of technological gadgets and fascinating things like wi-fi. and cable! i am watching netflix and filling my mind with junk like the bachelorette, and nanny 911, and toddlers and tiaras (seriously, please don't judge me). it's marvelous. i am catching up on everything i have missed out on for the past two years. whaaat.

oh, and by the way, that person i was talking about seven seconds ago, and whose place i am staying at? that would be e's bf, and together, they are the awesomest. if you don't believe that, then you definitely need to check out their new blog which is chronicling their european summer adventures. if you are like me, and culturally and worldly deprived, then you will probably enjoy living vicariously through them. and even if that is not you, you will probably enjoy reading their stories anyway, because they are both really funny and writ thins rull good.

there is probably more i have done, but my brain is too fried by trash tv to remember any of it right now. i hope you have all been well.

how is your summer so far?


  1. Ack, I agree with moving. I usually get rid of as much crap as humanly possible when I have to :/ I'm glad your back to blogging!

    1. i know! it's a good way to purge, for sure. thank!


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