Wednesday, June 20

why i am getting controversial here


there are three topics that tend to make people uncomfortable, and cause controversy and debate if brought up at the wrong times. we all know the first two well: politics and religion.

but in my experience, the third is just as testy: the topic of vegetarianism/veganism.

there are a few reoccurring reactions that take place whenever it is revealed that i practice a vegan lifestyle:

one) disdain/annoyance. they take it really personally. the question , "WHY" with the same look you would see on someone who stepped in dog poop.

two) bewilderment. also, maybe a little hint of sympathy. like, they can't believe i am missing out on all the delicious hamburgers and milkshakes and bacon-everythings of the world (although, i'll take the pity where the milkshakes are concerned. i miss those, sometimes, too.)

three) the question,"what about thanksgiving??" um. well. what about it? can't i still celebrate that day without eating turkey? yes. yes i can.

four) "what about protein and calcium? you're going to die." well, okay, no one has told me i will die, outright. but pretty much.

five) i am accused of being a nutcase liberal. and probably under the influence of satan. or, just, you know, seattle hippies. (btw, while we are talking about controversial subjects, i may mention that although i have many liberal tendencies, i consider myself pretty middle ground and don't affiliate with any one political party. and also, i am a christian. so.)

and probably the most common, and discouraging of reactions:

six) extreme discomfort. rapid change of subject OR defensiveness. a closed ear and mind. rolling eyes. as if they are thinking, "the vegan is going to start preaching again."

but you know what? i don't preach. i don't judge people for eating differently than me. i don't volunteer others to be my audience for information on animal rights, human rights and the environment (all of which are significantly impacted by america's omnivorous diet). as far as vegans go, i am a pretty decent and easy one to have around. my meat eating friends and family kind of lucked out, i would even say. i mean, there are some outrageous vegans out there. have you heard of pretty much anything peta has ever done? i appreciate their cause and everything, but i don't go around flinging blood on your leather jacket or whatever. also, you don't see me sporting pins that say "MEAT IS MURDER." so, you see? i could be so much more insane than i am. having said that, this is my blog, and i don't have to avoid talking about my diet and beliefs. in fact, i am perfectly free to do so.

it has been on my heart and brain for a long time to share more about my viewpoints and hopefully make clear why i choose to live the way i do. not because i feel i need to explain myself, but because i want to. because it's important to me.

i am planning on writing a series of posts on my journey to veganism, and why i grow more passionate about it every day. also, i will be providing references and resources to anyone who may be interested in vegetarianism and the benefits of a plant based diet. because, sometimes the hardest part is getting started, and many veggie-curious individuals are overwhelmed by the prospect of completely changing their diet.

so, get ready - more on that to come! i hope you are enjoying your wednesday, folks!


  1. I'd like to hear about it! I wish I could do a raw vegan diet, but unfortunately I don't have the willpower right now lol. Someday...

    1. yeah, getting started is definitely the hardest part! as you will see, it took me a loooong time to transition to vegan. there were just so many things i didn't want to give up!

  2. This. Is. Amazing. I love that you wrote this. And I'm excited for the posts to come :)

  3. I can't wait to hear either! Since I am dairy free, lotsa vegetarian/vegan "tips" are what I need! Thanks Kalie :)

    1. oh good! well, i plan i sharing lots of those! YUMMY tips :]


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