Friday, May 25

good music, day five. and carkeek park.

for the last day of my musical week, and for getting us all ready for the weekend, i thought something special and extra fun was appropriate. so. if this song doesn't put a little skip in your step, then i don't know what will. the joy formidable is nothing short of delightful.


you will find an incredible video of the same song HERE , if, you know, you have NINE minutes to spare. but i thought i would just leave that up for you to decide.


 today was the first sunny day this week. instead of cooping ourselves up in a coffee-shop or bookstore, k-bear and i spent our morning outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and all of it's wonderful vitamin-d. 

carkeek park. a place for hiking, playing, picnicking, train-watching, and beach strolling. as soon as the playground came into view, k-bear squealed with excitement, with her little dimply smile. it was probably the sweetest thing i've ever seen. 

but as fun as the playground is, obviously nothing compares to collecting rocks. on the beach. which was what we did for most of the time.

today's truth: i am strong and i have the strength to endure this. 

i hope you all enjoy your weekend, friends. 


  1. Spending it outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather is the best way to spend your day! Soak up the sun is another cheesy way of saying it :D ha. These pictures are adorable!


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