Friday, May 18

why summer is not my most favorite

the thing about not being a student is that summer is no longer a break to you. in fact, summer is really just the same as every other part of the year and you do all the same things, except that you sweat more while doing them. 

in fact, the only redeeming quality i ever ever found in summer was the very fact that it meant freedom. other than that, it makes me crotchety. sun burning my pale skin. suffocating in the heat-oven that is my car when i first get in. too broke for traveling. wearing less clothes. the pressure surrounding me to participate in summer-y sports such as swimming in a swimsuit and volleyball and other such horrid things. children everywhere. you know.

but now, while those around me make grand plans to do things such as travel to far away lands, get really tan, graduate, see family, and go the the beach, i have decided to not let my crotchetiness get the best of me. which is why i have made a list of things to do and accomplish this summer, so that i can enjoy it, too.

make a summer reading list (coming soon)
read that list
run a 5k
partake in lots of picnics
break out my bike, roxanne, and take her out on the town
get over fear of bike riding
enjoy a ferry ride and explore a nearby island
write poems
complete my sister's christmas afghan from last year
work on my etsy shop
take lots of pictures
get my tattoo colored in
make lots of crafts
such as making some cute bunting, like the one in the picture 
bake and cook some new recipes
bake and cook anything at all, actually
stroll the farmers markets
practice asl
write letters to distant friends
play melodies on my ukulele, clementine

that should be a good start, anyhow. what are your summer plans? what are your favorite things to do in the summer time?


  1. That looks like a pretty good list! Unfortunately, I start school in a week & I'm not going to have time to even start a list. I hope you accomplish these :]

    1. bummer! but good for you, i am at a point where i actually miss school! i am hoping to go back soon. thank you! enjoy the break you have!


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