Monday, May 21

make a goal monday and good music

you know what always feels good? music that makes, like, all the atoms of your body want to dance all around. music that makes you want to roll down the windows, except you don't because it is raining outside. music that sticks in your head and bounces around in it all day, and you don't even care because you like hearing it all day, anyway. it's especially good on a monday. and when you need something to be really exciting and full of energy to make up for your lack of it.

if you agree with all the above, then you should probably go listen to the naked and famous.

this week's goal(s): finish packing up the catastrophe that is my disheveled apartment. repeat truths, even when i don't believe them. and keep listening to music that makes my heart skippy.


  1. Super fun music, love it!

    i love what you set as a goal: "repeat truths" -- so good!


    1. glad you liked it! thank you - it's definitely an important goal for me right now, and really, any time. there are just some things that need to be remembered!


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