Tuesday, April 10

rant, rave, and rage! grrrrrrr.


okay, so we all know how tiresome it is when people are complainy-complainersons and write things that are all, "blah, life sucks" and "pity me, please" and "hey, look every body, i'm WHINING, again" and "i wanna kick everything in the face." you know, stuff like that - gets reeallll old. but. sometimes, a person just needs to vent a little and then be able to move on. because being chipper and trying to see your glass half full all the time just doesn't cut it every single minute of every day. so if you don't mind, i'm just going to let off a little steam here and then we can all continue with our day and eat cake or whatever.

one. why is it necessary for some people to try making others feel stupid? why is embarrassing or degrading other human beings essential to your satisfaction? oh, it's just so mean.
two. just because i merely suggest that a person cuts down on sodium or mention the endangerment of polar bears or something, DOESN'T mean that i am preaching or trying to convert you to a vegan-tree-hugging liberal. it just doesn't. i am allowed to say things like this, and i am not crazy, either.
four. seriously, drivers of seattle: learn how to freaking respond to stop signs. if the person in front of you just went, it is not your turn, also. just...just...just learn how to act appropriately, please.
five. pageant. moms.
six. nicki minaj. i....i just...there are no words. just stop, okay?
seven. when you borrow something from somebody, it is NOT the same as it being gifted to you. you do have to return it. just return it!!! (for the record, i do not mean after a few weeks. that is totally fine. i am talking after months and months, and, erm, need to give it back. gahhh)
eight. if you hit or damage my car in any up and leave an effing note. do i like leaving notes when i am the culprit? no. but i do it because it is the good and decent thing to do. idiots.
nine. tax season, you can go fly a kite.
ten. i need a vacation.

sorry, everyone, but i really just needed to say some of that. instead of just fuming over it over and over.   now it is out in the world, and i can just think of other things. other, happier things. like this. so much happy.


  1. Love this pic! I just pinned it cause' I like it so much. Is she that little girl from Sound of Music?

    Anyways, go girl! Sometimes we need to vent and there's no one to vent to except to our blogs!

    p.s. It's a good thing that you don't live in Italy. People dinging and scratching cars is a rite of passage here - unfortunately....hence, I will never buy a new car while living here. Also, people don't stop at stop signs here, they just slow down. And people here have no qualms about calling a person fat. I'm not complaining, of course .-)).

    I hope you're having a better day sweetie!

    1. you know, i'm not sure if she is! i know this is crazy, but i have only seen that movie once. so i can't say for sure.

      oh my gosh! poor cars! yes, i suppose i would have a difficult time with that. and i mean, it's not like my car is pristine or anything, but when a person knocks out a headlight, it's kind of a big deal! gaahhh.



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