Monday, April 9

have you ever felt that certain feeling/been in that one situation where, well, there's not really a word for it, nor is there a good way to explain it, and really the feeling isn't a feeling at all, necessarily,  but at the same time it is all the feelings one can ever feel absolutely all at once? do you know what i mean?

this easter weekend, appropriately, spring finally came to seattle. the sun shone. blankets were laid on the grass. oranges were eaten. books were read. and i strummed my ukulele, just a little bit. her name is clementine.

that sort of peacefulness is what my weary soul, mind and body need. i am empty, and i need to be filled up. filled with good things. filled with the love of friends and family. filled with hope. filled with the breathing of fresh air. filled with grass-between-my-toes days.

and perhaps that is the best goal i can have right now, really.


  1. Girl. I LOVE your blog. I went back and read a bunch of old posts and am inspired to be more awesome. Oh and I just now ordered "The Story of Stuff" because of your recommendation. Also, I really want us to be real life friends and make vegan treats together while talking about fabulous books. Either I need to move to Seattle or you need to move to NYC.

    1. christiiiiine, don't tease my heart so! i would LOVE if we could be friends face to face, that would just be lovely. oh my gosh, YOU are the awesome one. i still have the address you sent me...perhaps i should write you one of those letters i mentioned waaay back when (why am i so bad at writing letters?). then, THEN, we could at least share recipes, or something equally wonderful. and talk about lots and lots of books. i am so excited you ordered "the story of stuff"! i reference that book at least once daily. you're in for a treat!


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