Thursday, March 8

the pigs must be flying

because i like to run.

yeah, the act of running - i like it. and i knew that this would only happen when pigs fly. so there you are.

this is week four of the c25k running program i told you all about. and it is all so other-worldly because, you know, i have not given up yet. and i have not become bitter, nor hurt myself very badly. and all this information together begs the question: what is going on??

for some reason i cannot tell you at this time, i have finally found an athletically-related physical activity that i both enjoy and challenge myself with and it does not make me want to cry and that i am continuing to do over and over again. i find joy in working my limbs, the legs and feet that i am so lucky to have and be able to use. the lungs and heart that keep me going.

it is so weird.

i can now run up to five minute intervals. slowly. but, please don't laugh at me; or if you do, at least do it behind my back, when i am turned away, and don't ever let me find out that you did. because i am telling you, this is the longest consecutive amount of time i have ever run. EVER. and if that is measly to you, let me stress again how much i have always HATED running. but, miraculously, not now. now, i kind of, maybe, a little bit, look forward to it. and, perhaps, on occasion, fantasize about the miles and miles i will run at a time in the somewhat near but not too near future. like forrest gump across the country.  or rather, something like that.

in the upcoming months, i will be keeping my eyes open and my ears tuned to all the exciting 5ks that will be happening. it is thrilling, really.

in related news, i had the good fortune of stumbling across something both fabulous and hilarious, and you should really tell me if you think this would make an excellent new running uniform, as i appreciate the superb taste and opinions of you all. keep in mind that, growing up, i was always a little partial to snow white. so:


in case it is not apparent, i would like to point out that there is a CAPE on the back. for blowing in the rushing wind, you know.

in OTHER related news, i found this really fascinating article on the once and future way to run.

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