Wednesday, March 7

bunny and the bull

every once in a while i see a movie that just kind of imprints itself on my heart. like, i will see it and then i cannot stop thinking about it for a good long while, and then i feel like every one in the world should know about it and see it, too.

that movie that is currently still reeling in my mind (get it?) is "bunny and the bull." i had never ever heard of it prior to a couple weeks ago, and it makes me a little sad that it took this long for it to be known to my brain. but alas, it is now, and really that is what matters most in the end, i think.





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this charmingly eccentric comedy is, first of all, british. so that alone should make you really excited; unless, of course, you are not a fan of british comedy, in which case you may be totally ready to stop reading this post. but, even so, you should probably see it anyway. especially if you are an appreciator of fine, beautiful, and fantastical art direction.

it is one of those movies that is magical in a very real way. somehow, impossible and outlandish things happen, and yet you completely understand and empathize with the characters. somehow, it all makes sense. somehow, you want to laugh and cry at the same time; craugh, if you will. it is precious, and hilarious, and grotesque, and bizarre. 

i would tell you what exactly the plot is, but i think there was something kind of special about not knowing when i watched it. there is no way to imagine what may happen that way, and it all just unfold before your eyes and that is pretty wonderful, if you ask me. 

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