Tuesday, March 6

better late than never: an announcement and a plea.

so, you guys. this morning i did something i never thought i would do.

i signed up on twitter. 

i am like one of those girls who started shaving their legs really late, or didn't start wearing a real bra until high school. wait, that was really me. so there you are.

i fought against twitter for so long. first, it was out of spite. i had this completely nonconformist attitude about the whole deal.
then, i became too overwhelmed by the internet. facebook!email!pinterest! i can't do it. i cannot become a slave to the world wide web.
THEN, then, i became scared and overwhelmed. i just felt like, oh, it's too late for me. i missed that train. and even if that were not so, i just felt like...what else could i possibly have to say that i haven't already said on my blog, facebook, or in actual FACE TO FACE dialogue? well. this last concern is still positively relevant. i don't know what the hell i'm doing.

but anyhow. it all came to a point, and the point is this: i started feeling like the kid who wasn't invited to the birthday party. people are saying all these interesting and clever and informational things, and i couldn't take part. and the giveaways! do i even have to explain this? i have missed out on so many free things because i did not have a twitter account and therefore could never ever enter extra amount of times in giveaways.

so. if you are feeling nice, and possibly a little bit sorry for me, i beg of you this: please, show me your ways. offer any tutorial advice you may have hiding up your sleeves. i realize that whole concept should be simple and self-explanatory, but think of me as a lost little lamb, and take pity. have patience. and if you are feeling overtly generous or curious, you can visit me there. but only if you want to.

hope you're having a delightful tuesday.

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  1. I am glad you got a twitter account! I actually love twitter. I have a facebook as well, but I ended up giving it up for Lent this year, and honestly, I don't even miss it. Twitter is like Facebook, but it just gets to the point, haha. I love following people that I know and love, and also people that inspire me (musicians, authors, pastors, actors, etc). I would suggest for you to start searching for those types of people that you like and start following them. I frequently edit who I do and don't follow. Sometimes certain people will tweet too much, or tweet things that bother me, so I end up not following them anymore. Also, not sure if you'd want to do this, but you might want to create your profile to be private, where people have to request to start following you and you can approve or deny them. I go back and forth between having my profile private and public. The problem with having it public is that scam artists will send you stuff all the time, so if you're okay with just seeing that pop up (just don't click their links) then it's up to you.

    Anywho, that is all I have for now! If you have any questions though, let me know!! Happy Tweeting!



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