Monday, January 23

just some things.

so as it turns out, i'm in costa rica.

i would love to tell more about that at the moment, but if i don't have pictures, then i've got nothin (trivia again: who did i learn that from?) and right now, i've got nothin. so anyway.

because i am still trying to get back into the swing of things and learn how to keep up a blog again, i'm going to go ahead and do one of those somewhat lazy posts where i share some favorite things i have recently found on everyone's favorite curating site: Pinterest. is that okay? what am saying, of course it's okay. 

the text on the back of the mug says" "Randy the hamster encountered an unexpected roadblock in his quest to circumnavigate the mug." 

okayyum. i was super fortunate to stumble across this pin which led me to this blog which led me to fantastical dreams of superb vegan cuisine in my near future. if you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, any-other-type-of-food-free, or just looking for some new and delicious sounding food ideas to spice up the kitchen life, then this blog is for you. i hope to try out some recipes very soon and share the results!

3. really great sweatshirt from here.
be friends with ALL the cats!

excepting scarves, usually i say "no" to DIY crocheted clothing items because they are hideous and don't fit any known body shape. BUT, this sweater may have won me over, and it just might get my fingers itching to hook this up for next fall...

for those of use who judge books by their covers, i thought this was a really cute and easy way to makeover some of those old, ugly paperbacks on our shelves.

well five is a good number to end things on, so that's enough for now, it's time to go to bed. hope you've had a lovely monday, world. 

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