Sunday, January 29

home, sweet, dear, home.

I AM BACK IN SEATTLE. i am back in the cold, back in scarves, back into scraping frost off my car windows, back to cat canoodling. it's good to be home.

as mentioned in my last post, i was in costa rica - for work purposes. good news, i got my FIRST PASSPORT STAMP. and the right to check off one of my 25 by 25 goals - traveling out of the country.

so here are few things i learned during my journey in costa rican lands:

- it does not matter how much deoderant you apply; by the end of the day, no matter what you do, the 80% humidity will ensure that you smell like a pubescent teenage male.

- the american music radio station loves, above all, to play music hailing from the late 70's to 80's. that, and a sprinkling of coldplay and the song "pumped up kicks" by foster the people. 

- if you are driving along and notice a swarm of people in brimmed hats and velcro sandals and camera straps around their necks on the side of the road gazing and pointing into the trees above, know that you have found the gathering place of parrots. if you would like to see parrots, then just keep your eyes pealed for these tell tale signs.

- find a cafe and drink coffee. do it, it's delicious.

- if you are vegan, then hopefully you really enjoy rice and beans. i sure do, which was lucky for me! i ate a lot of rice and beans. and chips and oreos. 

- costa rica is really, really beautiful. i knew it would be pretty, but even i couldn't imagine how much green there would be - and i live in the "emerald city"!

the little town we stayed in was called jaco, and we had the good fortune of staying in a beautiful house across the street from the beach. everyday day, our view was of the pacific ocean. (see first picture). not bad. jaco is a little bit touristy, a fact i realized by the large amount of signs i could actually read and understand (i do not speak spanish). they were friendly, too. there was one little place called cafe del m@r (yes, with the a like @) and they had very good coffee and...rice and beans! 

as lovely as costa rica is though, nothing beats home. my heart and my delicate, porcelain skin are happy to be back.

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