Thursday, January 19

we chose rejoice


sometimes all i need is a do-over. the new year came and everyone is making lists and goals and resolutions and all of those things are good and nice, but i don't really have the energy for all of that so what i am proposing for myself is a fresh start. good riddance two-thousand-eleven. you were a real pill of a year (most of the time, and okay for other parts, with a few really great moments). but mostly a pill.  

as for my blog, i never really wanted to be apologetic for not writing, because hey-it's my party and i'll cry if i want to? you understand. the truth is, people get really busy and have junk to deal with and so tending to a blog becomes a not-first priority. plus, not having a computer kinda rains on the parade too. but guess what, folks? i got myself a computer. his name is marvin the mac, he is not new, but a senior citizen of computers, and he is quirky and doesn't do all the fancy tricks the young computers do today, but he is mine and i like him. and probably the best part of all is that he has allowed me to begin thinking about my blog again. 

the thing is, i'm not sorry for not writing for so long. but what i am sorry for is all the connections i have missed. all the blog friends i have fell out of touch with. all the beautiful lives i have not kept up to date with. unfortunately, i have not had the capacity to do those things. it hurts my heart a little. but i am not the first, nor the last person to have that happen. so it is time for a fresh beginning. a new name. i have been debating with myself over the blog name change for awhile and finally said, what the heck. i can always change it back. i can change it to something else tomorrow if i feel like it. which is a little freeing, don't you think?

for now i am not going to stress about catching up and all the things i could have shared but haven't, for now i am just going to enjoy being here, for now i am going to write when i can, and not write the other times. 

p.s. whoever can tell me the song/artist the blog name was inspired by gets a pair of smarty-pants for a prize. comes in all sizes. 

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