Saturday, October 1

an introduction in order

Over the past two months, something pretty major happened...

... Gypsy Willow Cat got a baby brother!

World, meet Sir William Shakespurr. 
(aka William, Sir, Bug)

He is snuggly, warm, sweet, and a pain in Willow's butt. She was super pissy about the whole affair for the first few days, but being the sweet thing she is, she is accepting the situation and they are definitely becoming friends. She even gives him kisses now, but that could also just be because he is super stinky and she is trying to clean him. Either way, it's very precious. 

William likes:
chewing on anything except his chicken flavored chew sticks
chasing Willow
pouncing Willow
biting Willow
eating Willow's food
snuggling in warm places, like under blankets
attacking yarn
jumping onto my shoulder, like a parrot
chasing toys

William dislikes:
being cradled like a baby
being locked in "timeout" in the bathroom
being put in his harness and walked on his leash
when Willow has a toy he wants
Willow's food being taken away


if you want to, you can say a little hello here. i wouldn't mind it at all.


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