Sunday, October 2

lately whenever someone asks "what's new in your life?" i never ever know what to say, except sometimes the only thoughts that come to mind are things that just happened in other people's lives or something i maybe just read in a book, but those don't really apply to the question and i am stuck saying "nothing, nothing is new" and it makes me a little sad and i wonder, what is wrong with me and what should i be doing?

do you ever feel that way?


  1. i do! but i wouldn't stress about it, people just say that to say it ;)

  2. I've been feeling like that for the past year or two! Nothing new. It's a bummer. But oh well :) look at it this way- nothing new, so nothing to stress about!

  3. Honestly, TOO many things are changing in my life right now. I wish things would slow down a little...
    And I might be back to blogging, but I'm not for sure yet. =)


  4. Kalie,

    Of all the wonderful posts I've perused in the last half-hour, this may be my favorite, for the simple reason that you posted it a few weeks before we went on our first date.

    And now, here in December, when I can call you my dear girlfriend, you have so much to answer with what's new in your life!

    Moreover, there's at least one item on your "25 by 25" list that you can now cross of. Hint: It involves Wizarding.

    You're a remarkable woman.

    Your boyfriend,


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