Friday, August 19

let's craugh it out

Whenever I've got myself a case of the blues, I usually like to accompany those morose feelings with a real downer movie or sad music and wallow in my sorrow. Usually this happens when I'm PMSing. Sometimes not. Sometimes it's just because I'm bananas in the head. And on those special days, in those fragile moments, I just need a good CRY. Or craugh. Usually lobbing, though.

craugh [craf, crahf] verb 1. a combination of laughing and crying simultaneously; may begin with laughing to an extent that produces tears, or being emotionally driven to laughter while also crying. 

lob, lobbing [lob] verb 1. a more hysterical, intense version of craughing; one who lobs is not only cry/laughing, but is literally sobbing and bawling their eyes out while laughing as a result of the absurdity of the situation, OR because it is all they can do, OR they are actually an insane person in that moment, driven to insanity by outrageous hormones.

If these words were previously unknown to you, it's because E and I made them up. 

The other day I was watching Bambi, and I kid you not - within the first 3 minutes I was in full on lobbing mode. One look at baby Bambi and his mommy and I lost control. It was not even a gradual craugh-to-lob situation, I just went for it. This lasted for precisely the entire movie. 

You know when that happens though, it just feels so nice to get out those emotions.  I made a mental list of the movies that are always sure to produce either a good lob, craugh, or just straight up crying.  Here it is now:

1. "Up" 

That opening montage, the first like, 12 minutes of the movie, makes my heart bleed like an open wound.  It is beautiful, sweet, and somewhat akin to torture of the soul.

2. "Bambi" 

I think we've covered this one sufficiently. My eyes are welling up as I type this.  Never have I been more relieved that I am vegan. 

3. "The Young Victoria"

 This movie isn't necessarily a sad, it's quite beautiful actually; but if you are a hopeless romantic and/or a complete sap, then this one's gonna trigger the water works for sure. There are specific parts that I know by heart and that get me every. single. time. E knows it too; she always looks at my face with a here-it-comes-again look and then I burst out in craughing fit. 

4. "Fried Green Tomatoes" 

Holy geez.  I seriously watched this movie for the first time about two months ago.  I had no clue what it was about, either. Little did I know, when I popped it into the dvd player,  that my heart was about to crumple and I would be rendered emotionally unstable for the following 24 hours. 

5. "Little Women" 

The attack force of this one is totally dependent on how delicate my emotional state is going into it, but worst case scenario results in sobbing from the moment I first see Beth until, well, the end I guess. Like the last time I watched it. 

6. "Adam" 

This movie is all at once precious and heartbreaking.  It's filled with innocence, sincerity, and a good dose of miserable grief that will get you crying in no time. It's lovely.

7. "Romeo and Juliet" 

We all know how this one ends.  It doesn't really matter the version, whenever I see it I always find myself hoping that the end has somehow changed.  But it never does. And so I must bawl my eyes out. 

8. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2"

I mean, you knew this would be on the list, right? Not only is this the end of the beloved series, which is enough to break my heart, but it is filled with everything that induces a good, healthy cry sesh: love, death, loss, family, get the picture. I bought a new box of kleenex to take to the premiere, knowing full well what would happen to my frail emotions. 

9. "Bright Star" 

Here it is, friends. The mother of all tear-jerking movies. And so amazing, it gets two pictures. I have never seen a more beautiful movie in my life.  It is breathtaking. And also unbelievably sad.  Dare to watch this movie, and you will be a complete and utter  mess for the rest of the day and possibly the rest of the week.  No craughing here, just flat out agony-filled sobbing. But never have tears been more worth it, I promise.

I know for a fact that there are many more movies that have brought tears to my eyes, but these are definitely the go-to's for my sensitive being.  I love them, and as many tears as they bring, they are equally inspiring, and joyful.  They really do make me feel better, once I expel all the distress. And they are brilliant, to boot. 

So what movies satisfactorily make you cry/craugh/lob?? Do share. So I can cry with you. 


  1. Bright Star is a tear jerker?! I've been meaning to watch that.. must check it out!! x

  2. Ditto Ditto and Ditto. Also.. I still can't believe we haven't watched Simon Birch together yet. That was my first lobbing-fest.

  3. Yes, bright star WILL make you weep...proceed with caution! Watch with people you're super comfortable to be with, or alone...probably not like, first date material or something like that.

  4. Oh and elise, I know! I need to see it and lib with you! And love story...

  5. I'm pretty sure bambi would make me cry buckets, i'm not joking. i always make myself sadder when i'm already sad's the best way to go!

  6. I think I cried in Up throughout the entire movie...a combination of happy and sad tears. I loved Adam too :)

  7. tHANK YOU. adam. i saw a preview for it once and wanted to see and then completely forgot the name of it when i went to rent it. so mad!
    so. good. :) now i can watch it. :)

    also, i cried for two hours AFTER watching up. oh my goodness.

  8. Suzy, ah I'm so glad! I just hate forgetting things like that, it's always a bummer! Enjoy- you'll love it! And maybe cry a little..

  9. Oh these are all such good movies...Adam was the sweetest little film

    I've "lobbed" on the phone to Mike before when I was living in Boston. He really thought I was going cray-cray for a while there.


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