Thursday, September 23

one thought at a time

During my walks from our apartment to Greenlake, in addition to enjoying the crisp air, falling leaves, and Bon Iver in my ears, I have begun keeping count of how many smiles and how many "hello"s I receive in return. This week: 4 smiles, and 2 good mornings out of....well, a fair amount. I'm going to try to up this number as my walks progress. 

In other good news, I am officially employed! Say hello to nanny Kalie. In my weeks of unemployment, I was reminded what a blessing a job is to have. It will feel good to be working and be productive.  Until work begins, however, I will continue to enjoy the changing of the trees, crocheting an abundance of slippers and scarves, french pressed coffee, and...

...cuddling our sweet kitty, Gyspsy Willow Cat (Willow, for short). 

Has there ever been a cuter little nose?

p.s. What fall activity/event are you most excited about?


  1. :) Aww that should be fun being a well as challenging!
    Cute kitty!
    My favorite thing is going to a local & popualar place (where I live) called Montgomery Farms. There is a big maze that you can go through at night w/ scary people dressed up! And there are other things to do as well. It's just a fun place all of us teenagers go to every year. =) Fall is my favorite season!


  2. congrats on your employment! and getting smiles is a good goal to have :)

  3. I must say I am very happy for you. Because of the job & of course because of the smiles and hellos. :)
    Your cat is adorable!

  4. Oh I loved being a babysitter, I'm sure you will love it too. From all my blogs, I feel the most connected to you when you talk about nature and people and smiles. You seem like such a sweet, caring person.

  5. I got your postcard yesterday, thank you so much! WOW SEATTLE! that's amazing i'm so happy for you. I hope you are well. Sorry i haven't been in touch a lot lately, i'm rushed off my feet with work. x.x.x

  6. Congratulations sweetie! Good luck in the new job!


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