Friday, September 24

be careful what you wish for

Coraline.  I re-watched this movie earlier this week and was reminded how much I love it.  It is so gloriously Tim Burton, made up with only the best qualitites of his genius. Some may say it's creepy.  Some may say it's weird. I think it is beautiful. It is a work of art. And also, the heroine of the story inspires me a little...



  1. I loved this movie too!
    See? This is why I completely trust your movie reviews and run to put them on my netflix :)

  2. i loooove Coraline! first time i watched it i felt a bit weird though, confused! but it's great ♥

  3. #1 Tim Burton is incredible!
    #2 Coraline was my fave book when I was growing up. :)

  4. Coraline was so good! I really wish they'd make a live action, but I'd hope they wouldn't ruin it :[

  5. It makes me so sad that I haven't seen this film yet! Gah, need to rent it now!! Those yellow rain boots are something I need right now :]

  6. she is the cutest. I love the part where she explores the house for the first time.

  7. Love the yellow rainboots. So much love. I haven't seen Coraline, but I read the book. It is seriously creepy. I was quite excited to hear that Tim Burton was doing the movie though, it seemed so deliciously fitting. Ps, no-creeper on all the comments. I live to blogstalk. :)


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