Wednesday, August 11

poetry soothes and emboldens the soul

I am happy ecstatic to say that I recently acquired a copy of the most beautiful movie I've ever seen, Bright Star.  This event has inspired me to spend every moment that I am in my car listening to the soundtrack with it's blissful, ethereal notes capable of making your heart melt with contentment and sorrow all at once.

John Keats: "I found your fairy princess on the wall in my bedroom."
Fanny: "You could make her out?"
John Keats: "She wears a butterfly frock."

I want pretty characters on my walls, too.
Please take a look at this Etsy treasure shop; I am in love with it.

p.s. Good news-- this is my 100th post! I made it this far...


  1. Well done one 100 posts! I'll have to watch that film, it sounds brilliant :)

  2. such pretty little wall things :)

  3. Sam, thank you! You definitely have to see this movie, I have confidence that you will fully appreciate it! It is absolutely brilliant.

    Krystal, Yes I agree! I would love them on MY walls!

  4. I just watched the trailer for this....can't wait can't wait. It looks sooo lovely.

    and yes we should not be ashamed to bust out our cameras! Think of all the lovely things we might be missing!

  5. I am yet to see Bright Star, but it looks so lovely! I must have watched the trailer a million times. I love Keats.
    Also, the etsy things are very sweet :)

  6. oohhhh! these are such quaint, cute prints!
    havent seen bright star, perhaps i should!
    congrats on your 100th post!

  7. Bright Star! It is on my watch list for sure!


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