Thursday, August 12

sweep my mess away

I was such a scatterbrain today.  

I couldn't decide what shoes I wanted to wear this morning. I ended up with a pair of sandals that really didn't match at all.

I couldn't decide what music I wanted to listen to in the car today. I ended up hitting shuffle and then pressing the next button over and over and then not really listening to any song the whole way through.

I couldn't decide what to eat for lunch in the food court at the mall today.  I picked semi-satisfying sushi; food court sushi is just not the same...

And now I can't decide what the heck I want to do with my blog.  It was looking blah to me, to I switched up the banner. Again. I fear I am in a rut, in addition to being  technologically-disabled.
Do you ever have days like this?
I hope you're all having a great Thursday!


  1. Yeah. Days where everything is just a little bit off. But not like.. in a frustrated get-angry kind of way. Just annoying. But I like your banner! It made me smile. Then again, I liked your old one too haha. I change my blog layout so so much too! I am so restless. Hope tomorrow is a little more cohesive for you :)

  2. Oh it's just one of those days...

  3. Yes, especially with food. I never, ever know what I want to eat!


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