Friday, August 6

new life on a new shore line

Happy Friday, friends! We did it -- we made it to the end of the week. I realized as early as tuesday that I missed my make-a-goal monday post, but I felt ok about it because I really have been working on a goal anyways, and it actually involves a topic that I have yet to discuss here on my little blog...

In a little less than a month, I will have packed my things and be making my way to a little far away land called Seattle, Washington. To live.  As in moving.  Eeeeee. I am telling you, this is so out of my charcter.  I love, LOVE the idea of spontaneity and adventures, but honestly-- I am not very good at either of them.  I am currently living at home with my family (whom I love, and whom I've never been away from for longer than as week), and I have never lived anywhere other than good ol' burning hot Phoenix, Arizona.  Never.  So this move, which would be considered rather big for anyone, is HUGE for me. I'm kind of freaking out-- but in the best way possible.  I am excited too, though; I have so much to look forward to.

Top 10 reasons why I am excited for my new Northwest life:

10. Real SEASONS. Unlike Phoenix, Washington actually experiences a considerable change in climate according to the time of the year. i.e. In the Fall, there are orange leaves. Orange leaves. And probably red and yellow ones too. And they actually fall. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to my first "real" Fall.

9. Coffee, coffee, coffee.  There is a deliciously overwhelming abundance of sweet little coffee shops everywhere you look. And they are not all Starbucks. Although there is a hecka lot of them, too.

8. Rain! After 22 years of living a a drought-stricken desert, I am giddy about all of Seattle's promised precipitation. I own a pair of rainboots that hardly see any action, and when they do, it is usually followed by strange looks from people who are well aware of how ridiculous it really is to where rainboots in a drought-stricken desert. 

7. Sleepless in Seattle. Hello. My favorite movie of almost ever.

6. All the touristy-wonder of downtown Seattle. The Space Needle? Pike's Place Market? I cannot wait to have family and friends visit and tour them around my new, beautiful city! And take them to the places that are hidden and not well known, too (Oh, and blog friends-- I will definitely take lots of pictures to share!)

5. As much as I will wholeheartedly miss my church here in Phoenix and the friends within, I am getting pumped for the one I will be attending in Washington, too-- they have a Deaf ministry! Seriously, they have interpreters right up there on stage during service.  I will be in Sign Language heaven.

4. Books as far as the eye can see. As with coffee shops, there are bookstores of all shapes and sizes peppering the city.  Let me quote a little book I have on Seattle: "Seattle reputedly has more coffeehouses, bookstores, and movie theatres per capita than any other metropolitan area in America." My favorite things.

3. The great outdoors.  I refuse to trick you all into thinking I am a great outdoorist, robust mountain woman, and accomplished hiker-- that would be a lie of gross proportions.  But I will say that I love being outisde and moderate hiking is one of my favorite things to do.  However, when the temperatures reach heights worthy of heatstroke and I am in constant fear of being eaten alive by the snakes that roam the hot desert mountains, I have significantly harder time enjoying my adventures outdoors. I can hardly wait for some green, Washington-mountain exploration.

2. The culture.  Seriously, there is always markets, festivals, and other obscure yet wonderful gatherings taking place involving food, music, art, crafts, and everything else good you can imagine.  I hear about them all the time from my dear friend, Elise....which brings me to my number one reason I am excited about Seattle....

1. I will be moving into an adorable apartment with one of my best friends: Elise!
I could seriously give a whole other top ten list specifically dedicated to why I am excited to have this girl be my roommate.  She is wise, fun, free-spirited, an inspirational blogger (I'd Rather Be Wild...)-- and together we will seriously have the best library of books you've ever seen two twenty-somethings own.  She is an amazing friend, and I am so excited for our adventures in Washington!

Anyways, I am currently gettting ready for the big day, which is quickly drawing near.  I can't say I am not nervous-- infact that is probably the thing I am feeling most at the moment.  I realized though, that I have really been dwelling on my fear in the midst of this all, instead of focusing on all the amazing possibilities God has in store.  That is why I have been thinking of everything I have to look forward to, instead of what I will be missing here. I know it will be hard, and I will miss my family and friends (and kitties) with my whole heart; but I know they are always here for me and I can always come back.  And I know also that it will be good for me, and I am going to learn so much from this new chapter in my life.

So now, I really need to start packing and purging.  I am going for minimalism.  I have only Molly Belle and some suitcases for all my belongings (mostly books).  For those experienced movers -- any tips? Any packing/moving suggestions? Or good stories? I would appreciate it so much, anything would be a big help!

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  1. WOW. How amazing!!! I've always wanted to visit there, and I can't imagine how amazing it will be to just pack up and move there!
    Good luck with everything! Will be praying for everything to go super smoothly. :]

  2. OMG! I LOVE SEATTLE!!!! Good luck with everything!!! <333

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! SO amazing!! I LOVE moving. I've moved about every 3-4 years of my life. It's an amazing experience. I know you'll love it.

  4. #6 will be put into practice. Cam and I will be coming to visit! We talk about it quite frequently :) As for moving, I'd say definitely start packing as soon as possible. There's always way more to do than you think...I ended up leaving Cameron with A TON of stuff to do all by himself. I'd also recommend labeling boxes as much as possible...I can't tell you how many times we've needed to find stuff and it's been so much easier because I labeled the box with EVERYTHING (almost) that was inside. Instead of getting all the packing stuff, you can use towels and blankets to wrap around fragile items. Then you won't have to throw away all that paper and stuff. I know that your move will be much different than mine because 1. your parents will be at your house still 2. you're not married, so you have MUCH less stuff and 3. You will only have your car and suitcases. However, I have moved 1,000 miles away twice in the past 2 years. It'll never be easy, but hit me up for any advice and help you need. As well as emotional...because it's difficult :) Love you! Sorry for this obscenely long comment!

  5. OMGees that's just like Bella from Twilight! LOL how ironic.
    Even though you are nervous, you are excited and willing to try as well! I mean, you came up with 10 good things about moving!
    So good luck, dear.

  6. Amber, thank you! I can definitely use all the prayer I can get... :] You would probably love seattle, it's such a great city!

    Michelle, ahhh me too! Which is good haha. Thanks!

    Catherine, that is definitely encouraging! It's so good to hear that moving isn't too scary..ha!

    Kelly, I CAN'T WAIT! Oh my gosh, as soon as there is a date I will be counting down. Thank you, you're the best, your advice will be so much help in this time! It always is. I love you.

    Abby, for sure! haha Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. this seems like such a wonderful adventure! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. That is so exciting! You will love living there! And the changing seasons makes fall and winter holidays extra cozy. While I love living in Portland, and the two cities are actually very similar, I think it would be fun to live in Seattle for a change. Oh, and you have to take some ferries to the different islands, they are so fun.

  9. I am indescribably excited for you Kalie. Lovelovelovelovelove.

  10. Oh. My. Goodness. You were right, I really enjoyed this post. Although, I always do, so it's not a depart from the norm! I canNOT wait. I am so happy I have a chance to get things ready for you... it will make this transition so much smoother. And as for advice, I echo Kelly. The more you do now, the better. Also, I am a FREAK about labeling my boxes. It really does help when you are looking for something so you don't have to open 20 boxes to find an earring. Also: get boxes from random sources [grocery stores, liquor stores, etc] they have the best boxes, that are free, and hold a lot of weight. I will keep my thinking cap on! I CANT WAIT. Did I say that, already? Well.... I CANT WAIT.

  11. Oh! and I love the new stuff on the blog =)

  12. Good luck with the moving! It must be very exciting :) And yes, orange leaves rule.


  13. Those are all excellent reasons! I am so excited for you! One of my good friends is in Seattle for grad school- email me (it's in my profile) if you would like to have another contact/friend there.

    As someone that moved to a new state 3 months ago, I totally get where you're coming from. I hired a Penske truck and relied on family and a few friends to help me out. I paid my cousin and his wife to drive the truck and then they went back with my parents. I have tons of furniture, books, and more and it worked out well. But I am convinced that I will hire movers next time!

  14. Hmmm your blog looks a little different! I like it :)

    Gosh your list makes ME want to get up from sleepy Florida and move up there too! Have you ever considered writing travel brochures? haha I'm excited for you! And I wish you the best of luck. I hope you love Seattle!

  15. I am so insanely jealous! It's mine and my husband's dream to move to Seattle. We have lived in Mesa, AZ our whole lives and are so sick of it! I look forward to living vicariously through you on your blog!

  16. Good luck with moving!
    You'll discover so many more wonderous things.


  17. I absolutely understand reason 9, my dear. And I see, what you are scared of. My best friends all live far away, but in the desperate hours I miss them, the love grows and grows and keeps growing.
    I wish you all luck and I am sure you will learn a lot.

    Love, Hannah

  18. you have no idea how happy i am for you!!!!!
    I LOVE seattle and SO wish i could be moving there too. my aunt lives in Anacortes and has a beach house on one of the San Juan islands and i wish i could visit her more often as well as Seattle. And completely agree with ALL your reasons for going. i LOVE rain and i LOVE markets, the water, the books & coffee. ahhh. its like the city was made for me ;D

    you're deaf? thats really cool! it would be such a different world to live in.


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