Sunday, June 20

tiny dancer

This evening my mom and I attended the dance recital of some long time family friends.  It reminded me of the days I took dance classes (a long, long time ago). 

Growing up, there were many things I wanted to be; a teacher, an astronomer, a baker, a detective (a la mary kate and ashley olsen...did anyone else watch those videos?), an artist, a princess, a librarian...

But one dream that has stuck with me is that of a ballerina. As a little girl, nothing was so enchanting or dreamy as the thought of being a ballerina.  I can recall countless hours of twirling away in my bedroom, imagining that I was on stage in pointe shoes with a big fluffy tutu (the fluffier, the better).

Secretly, I still wish I could be one.

What did you want to be growing up? What is your dream-alter ego?

p.s. love this so much.

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  1. i know exactly what you mean, i have a secret dream of wanting to be a ballerina too! i really dont have the dedication or patience to though, so i think it'll just stay a nice day dream for now (:
    as a child though, i wanted to be a marine biologist (i actually said that in kindergarden haha). now i think it's just become a love for the ocean, and i do want to swim with dolphins someday..and be a mermaid. haha i feel like it was more realistic when i was younger

  2. Giving up ballet is the thing I regret most in my entire life, I think. But as child already, I wanted to be an author.
    Sometimes I dream of dancing again...

  3. I just love the idea of being a ballet dancer, it looks like such a beautiful, magical life! I wish more than anything I could dance, but unfortunately my dancing should never be seen by the world. These pictures are so dreamy and beautiful!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. I always wished I could dance and sing...all the girly things since I was the intense soccer player growing up. Even still I wish I could be graceful like a dancer or singer...I love the femininity of it all :)

  5. i wish that i would have taken dance when i was little. now that i'm older, i love the grace and poise of it!

  6. I did ballet as a little girl also. I loved it so very much and sometimes now I think about finding a dance school and learning how to do all of that beautiful dancing again.

  7. i did ballet for so many years but i had to quit because of a knee injury. growing up that was one of my desired careers. Although i also wanted to be an artist (which came true!), fashion designer (which i am working on!), teacher, and nurse haha. Probably many other things. Ballet was wonderful while it lasted!

    p.s. you won an award at my blog :]

  8. I use to be a tiny ballerina :) if i ever wear a leotard/body i twirl around and embrace the little dancer within. I always wanted to be an artist or author. I need to improve vastly or i will have to settle for hobo!
    Lovely post Miss.Kalie.!! x.x.x

  9. Great, magical post! I once took dance as a wee little lad.. (following in my big sister's foot steps of course).

    I didn't pursue it any further after a while. But I think every little girl dreams of becoming a beautiful ballerina♥ Brings back memories... thank you.

    Oh, p.s. My brother was a fanatic (still is) when it came to Mary-Kate & Ashley! I grew up in their prime generation also. They were what today's Hannah Montana is now, haha. I miss them a lot though.. I think it's the memories that I miss more so than it is the actual the twins lol. :P

  10. I wish I wish I wish I was a ballerina. I used to read this picture book about a ballerina and I loved it so much my mom gave me a little silver necklace with ballet slippers on it.

  11. ah yes I did watch those Mary-Kate and Ashley videos lol. And I was a ballerina for a long long time from the age of 4 till I was a teenager. I loved the feeling of both nervousness and thrill you get just before the curtains opened. I remember closing my eyes and wishing I would be a famous ballerina one day but this feeling faded over the years till I gave it up completely. But when I look back sometimes I still wish I was a ballerina and kept preceding it, so much nostalgia

  12. I had ballerina dreams too. I took ballet for one day, then had to quit because my Dad's job switched its hours and my Mom couldn't take me to recitals anymore. I still wish I could be one. Most of my dreams right now are just to write and travel and I know I will fulfill them!

  13. I use to be a ballerina :] I think it's the most beautiful form of dance and nothing is better than those fluffy tutu's. Beautiful pictures ! :]

  14. Oh man I swear you aren't a girl if you haven't dreamed of this for even a moment in time. I have always longed to be a dancer, but alas, I am too awkward on my feet. I wanted to be a vet when I was little. Then I found out I am terrified of blood. Still love animals though!


  15. those pictures are amazing! i've always secretly wanted to be a ballerina! also, you just posted one of my ALLTIME favorite songs!! seriously love it! :)

  16. oh to be a dancing ballerina. high on her toes. twirling in her tulle!

    i always wanted to be on broadway. i guess its never too late.... we'll have to see where life takes me :)

  17. Aw, when I was tiny I took ballet lessons - we were dancing to a song about a Brontosaurus with a sweet heart :) And then I wanted to be a stewardess...but now I am terrified of planes!

  18. The very first thing I wanted to be was a baker. :) Specifically muffins. Hee hee. I still kind of want to own one when I get older.
    Then a dentist.
    Then a teacher.
    Then it kind of stopped for a while. Now I know what I want to be. I want to be a lawyer. I have a very big mouth and I love to argue, so why not put it to use?
    I kind of wanted to be a mermaid too. ;)

  19. what pretty pictures!! i think there is somthing in every girl that loves twirling & tutus! :)

    & yes, i watched the mary-kate & ashley videos as well!!! LOL & full house was my favorite show... it still is!!! haha! :)

  20. I admire anyone who dances so much, I can't at all! And yes, I loved those mka videos! I was pretty much watching all their movies up until like two years ago lol!

  21. I love that you all understand so perfectly! Thanks for the comments; yes, those ballerinas in the pictures are so beautiful.

    I LOVED hearing all your dreams! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I loved those Mary-Kate & Ashley videos! They were my favorite when I was younger.

    I took ballet when I was about 5 or 6, only for about a year though. I loved it!

    I've always wanted to be a teacher. Ever since I was a little kid. I used to make up homework and tests and act like I was grading them! That dream has actually followed me and I would still love to be an elementary school teacher.


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