Monday, June 21

make-a-goal monday (i have no creative title today)

I cannot believe the talent of some people in this world. Sculptures that fit in the eye of a needle or on top of a pin-head? I think that qualifies as genius-- meet Willard Wigan. These are just a few of my favorites, but there are many many more of his incredible creations that are worth seeing.

Is that not out-of-control amazing?

So, I have one week left for my Shakespeare on-line class, and I couldn't be happier to be so close to finishing. Then, I can merrily once again read Shakespeare for pure enjoyment-- after a brief break, however. As much as I love him, a person can only take so much, you know? I have been seriously lacking in the timely-completion-of-homework department.
Goal: Finish my homework this week on time, and just be grateful that it's almost done! And also, to not become crazy.

AND today, I am planning on sending out the prizes to the winners of my give-away! I am so excited.

I hope you're enjoying your Monday, friends.


  1. That's pure talent.
    I had to read Shakespeare in high school, and I didn't enjoy it. But, I enjoyed reading when I read the books at my own time.
    All my love. Have a great week.


  2. Wow that's amazing!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck!

  3. These small dawrfs and peter pans are "out-of-control amazing" indeed! :)
    My former German teacher once gave me Shakespeare's Midsummer night's dream and I loved it much.

  4. WHAT, that art is insane...insane I tell you. in a good way.

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  6. i love these! especially the peter pan one. i love your monday goal posts, such a brilliant idea. good luck with the homework (i have rather a few essays that i should in fact be working on now!)
    which shakespeare are you studying? we don't do any of him this year in eng lit which is rather saddening.

    love from amelia of La Ville Inconnue.

  7. Wowww, what tiny little people!
    That is incredible. Where did you hear about him?

  8. Lovely post, i saw needles like this at an art exhibition, they were magnified so big. Its crazy how small they are, how is it possible? It's like the rice sculptures too. Also did you hear about the little old man that made these sculptures, he spent years on one and he had just about finished and he sneezed and lost it! it's tragic, but a little funny hehe!

    Shakespeare needs to be loved so hurray hurray! xx.x.x

  9. Tywo, isn't that funny how it happens? That's what school does ha.

    Abby, thanks, I need it!

    Hannah, Oh, I LOVE that story, isn't it charming? Unfortunately, we do not get to read that for my class :[

    Krystal, Right?! It's so crazy...but awesome.

    Amelia, I love that one too! And snow much detail!

    Becca, gosh I don't even remember, I came across some news article long ago, and it just left an impression on me :]

    Kim, I know, I don't get it?! Ooh, I need to look up rice sculptures, that sounds fascinating haha. Oh my gosh, that is the saddest, most pitiful story! Poor little old man...but yes I can't help but chuckle at his expense.. :]

    Yes!! I agree!!

  10. OMG! They are amazing! How is that even possible? I love the little Tinkerbell.
    Good luck with your homework :) I know how study can kind of kill things you love. I chose 'whats eating gilbert grape'for a film study once cause it was my fav but now I cant watch it.
    Hope your having as lovely day....xxxx

  11. NO WAY!! That is so crazy! :)

  12. Those are beautiful! I remember when he showed them off on Conan when Conan still had the late night show.

  13. wow, thats so amazing. he must be reall talented, most of us have enough trouble getting thread through the hole.
    i hope your homework goes well :)

  14. wow!! that is just amazing!! and yes, i've seen this in conan's late night show!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  15. so this guy is pretty talented, where did you find him ?
    I loved the alice in wonderland and the peter pan one hehe :)
    ahh.. sigh* disney animations.

  16. this is insane!!! so so cool!

  17. that is amazing! i can barely thread the eye of a needle, let alone make sculptures to fit inside it...

    good luck with the rest of your class. you're in the home-stretch!

  18. Oh man! I watched a show on this guy [no doubt on PBS, I am sure] a couple years ago. He is amazing! I am so glad you made a post with his art, I had completely forgotten about him =) Oh, and keep up your hard work! It is paying off!

  19. Wow! He must have 20/20 vision .-).

  20. I saw a documentary with this guys in it. SO crazy!


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