Saturday, June 19

you're all winners in my book...

 It's finally the moment you've all been waiting for (ok, maybe not so much. But I have, because I am really excited about it).

We have here the winners of my first ever give-away!

I decided that the very best thing to do was not use some electronic random-picker-generator...but to do things the old-fashioned way and stick all the names in a hat, close my eyes, swish 'em around, and pick out the name of one lovely lady. 


And the winner of the painted wallet is Lora from the awesome blog eager hands!

But just hold on to your seats, the fun doesn't stop there...

I had dropped a couple hints that I'd be adding more prizes...because I like it when lots of people can win. I can't help it.

SO. I shuffled around the hat again, and pulled out three more names for some.... pins! 

The winners are Christine Marie, Kim, and Rasha!

And there  you have it-- the exciting conclusion to my first ever give-away. I really really enjoyed doing this, I hope you did too! Winning-ladies, email me your shipping address (you can find it on the side) and I will  send these little prizes out to you!


  1. I won, woooooo! How very exciting. Your little parcel is on it's journey across the Atlantic.

    I'll email you in a mo! :)

  2. YES!! I am so, so excited. AH!

    I can't wait to send yours! :]

  3. congrats to the winners!


  4. wow! how exciting! can't believe i won. :)
    thank you SO MUCH!

  5. How fun. :] Those pins are adorable!

  6. What a great giveaway I'm bummed I missed it! Congrats to all the winners :)

  7. congrats to all the winners! (esp. Kim!) Those have to be the cutest hair pins I've ever seen. :]

  8. aw now that's just the coolest thing ever, I love it too when more than one person wins especially when it's a surprise! Congrats to all the lucky winners those flower pins are gorgeous :)


  9. Hello Lovely. Thanks for your sweet comments. Yes I got a new puppy. Ive always had a Wizard of Oz obsession so I got a Cairn Terrier because thats what Toto is. Hes not black tho but he's so adorable.
    Lot's of love! Cute giveaways by the way.

  10. Oh my gosh, SO cute!! Thank you, I'm so so excited!!

  11. those hair pins are awesome.


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