Monday, June 14

mermaid monday

Today I was nanny for Mr. N and and his brother, Big B. In this plus one hundred degree weather, we were left with one, summery thing to do: swimming!

When you take a four and seven year old boys to a swimming pool with a beach ball and toy sharks, you are in for a fun but exhausting day. Watching them, you are reminded of what it is like to be a kid and have no worries, when you can be anything at any moment. I love their imagination and carefree disposition.

It made me think of my younger days, all those times my dad would take my sister and I to the pool.  I may have always been and will always be a terrible swimmer, but that did not interfere with my dream to be a mermaid (what little girl didn't pretend to be a mermaid in the water, even the bathtub?)  You cannot watch A Little Mermaid and not want to be a beautiful sea-princess-- come on, now.

I want those seastars in my hair...they're so pretty.
And gosh, I loved that movie Splash, I watched it over and over, thinking Daryl Hannah's character Madison was the most enchanting thing ever.

What is a favorite childhood memory of yours?

Oh, and p.s...Goal: I'm going to paint my nails a pretty shade...I need something bright and cheery this week, please.

Oh, and don't forget my giveaway is still open until Thursday.


  1. Oh, I wish I were a mermaid!

    I love that second picture. Wow.


  2. Yes, yes, yes. You are so amazing! Really.

  3. Ariel was always my favorite princess!
    I've been able to swim since I was 5, haha i loved pretending i was a mermaid!


  4. SPLASH! OMG! i haven't seen that in so long. i love it when she has a bath and pours lots of salt in with her. I wanted to a mermaid but fish really scare me, so my plan was flawed. I think i just wanted to be a bath mermaid.

    I just did a post about childhood, dens and book houses, they were the best. .x.x

  5. Oh, sea stars in your hair! So inspiring, I need to do that sometime. I was never a big fan of the movie The Little Mermaid because I'd read the original story in a fairy tale book and didn't like how they altered the end of the story - yes, I was already obnoxious like that. But I did always pretend to be a mermaid when swimming - I'd swim with my legs together like I had a fishtail. I still want to do that sometimes when I'm in a swimming pool.

  6. it never fails to amaze me how spending time with children can teach me so much! It especially reminds me to zap out of this fast-paced "adult" world and appreciate the little things in life--such as wanting to be a mermaid! :D

  7. Splash! I loved that movie! I get so nostalgic for childhood these days, it was so fun! The other day I was talking to my roommate about butterfly hair clips and crimpers. The best!

  8. Miss lovely sparrow, all I can say is--YES me too!

    Paige dear, YOU are the amazing one. Thank you.

    Abby, case and point! ha I know it's so great!

    Kim, ISN'T THAT MOVIE AMAZING! I love it, it's been so long though I neeed to see it again! That part is one of my favorites too, I seriously would be happy even if thats the only time I could be a mermaid. so magical.

    Kim #2!!, oh thats funny! ha I never read it! But yes, I used to fo that all the time! But like I said, I was a terrible swimmer ha so it didnt work out so well..

    Nicole, Right?! They are so fascinating, and so good for the soul.

    Heather, oh. my. gosh. I was so there. Such funny things we kids did! and so awesome...

  9. so so cute! i love it :)

  10. love that second picture... so gorgeous with the seastar in her hair!

  11. Natalie, thanks! i love it too!

    Diya, isn't it beautiful? I want them in my hair..

    Mara, me too! Yes, they were the best, so magical.

  12. The mermaids from Peter Pan were so MEAN! I love them. :)) I see where Little Mermaid gets inspiration from.

    A from A Plus B in the Sea


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