Tuesday, June 15

harry, hippies, and dessert.

Red velvet cake, harry potter, and my hook and yarn are my companions this evening. (I realize that about every three posts I talk about harry potter, but this is just my life, don't mind me).

After dinner, my mom and I hassled my dad into making an errand to the grocery store for some cake, and for "forcing" him to do so, he guilted me into accompanying him. It really was for the best though, because sometimes my dad just cannot be trusted to take care of the groceries alone. He was in need of some lunches for work, and if it were up to him, he would eat canned soup and ramen everyday. Do you realize the sodium content in those?  They are essentially selling heart-attack in a can.

While explaining this to my father ("It's ok to eat these every once in awhile, but you cannot live off of them..."), a burly, wild-haired hippie-man with strangely yellow-tinted sunglasses passed us by, pointed to my dad and said "Hey man, you eat whatever you want..." This is what happens when I try to be proactive in the health and well-being of my loved ones.  

On a sidenote, I need to learn how to cook. I have really cute aprons.

My poor future husband...whoever he is, hopefully he'll understand. I can bake really good cookies, though. Maybe that will be enough.

Oh dear, I am tired. I hope you are having a good week so far, friends. I can't wait to read all about them!


  1. I love Harry! And cake! Hehe.

    I've never tried red velvet cake, but I keep hearing about it. It looks amazing.


  2. This post made me laugh out loud, and I'm by myself so I felt a bit weird. My Dad is the same. He thought Bacon and Egg Pie for lunch every day was healthy.
    And lucky future husband is more like it! Very lucky

  3. That cake looks sooo yummy ! :)

  4. wow that's a pretty cake!
    that thing about the random guy telling your dad to eat whatever he wants made me crack up! :)
    I know how you feel, I really wanna learn how to cook..I mean, how hard can it be? ;)(yeah right!)

  5. what a fun baking outfit! I seriously need to invest in some cute aprons like that!

  6. that is the prettiest cake! i want one!

  7. oh honey you really not helping! You made me devour my Godiva box of chocolates in your last post (seriously only three pieces left now) and now here I am craving velvet cake, ohh its heaven! Thankfully I don't even think I can find it here so I'll have to wait till I get back to N.Y.C. And I loveee cooking and if you like baking I think you will like cooking as well with all the recipes you can find out there.

  8. this was such a lovely post! it really made me laugh as well as really wanting cake. there is never any need to apologise for harry potter references, rarely a a day goes by without some sort of harry potter based conversation in my life!

    love from amelia ofla ville inconnue

  9. I'm a harry geek too :)
    Have you heard this song- Lily's eyes- teacups. You will like it :) listento the words. x.x.

  10. GOSH I am obsessed with your blog. Can we play sometime please? You know, when we're on the same continent? I think we should be legit friends. And we can practice cooking together! I'm going to take a cooking class in Spain so I'll hopefully have some good recipes to share

  11. Ohh gosh, I am so excited about the movie this Summer but so sad because it's going to be the end of Harry for us ;_; Thank goodness they are making two movies!

  12. Little sparrow-- Oh, you need to! It really is as wonderful as everyone says!

    Ruthie-- Doh! haha dads! what would they do without us? You're so sweet!

    Emily-- ah I know! I could probably eat it whole.

    Abby-- baha I had to keep myself from cracking up in the store. I know, right?! Not hard at all...I just need to overcome toast, first.

    Casie Jean-- you should! I may not be able to cook, but my cute aprons make me feel like I can...

    Rikki-- mmm get one! do it! It's worth it:]

    Zaira Mabel-- no joke, I seriously thought of what you said last time when I posted this...and I felt guilty and also a little bit gluttonous that as I've realized how many sweets I have been eating haha Sorry for the temptations!!

    Amelia-- OH good, I'm so glad you understand! We should have one sometime! ha

    Kim-- OH MY GOSH!! I hadn't hear it until I saw the link on Casie's blog...and I was astounded. ASTOUNDED. I immediately shared it with my good friend who also is obsessed with HP...

    Christine Marie-- Oh my dear!!! YES! Let's please. Oh, it's nothing but an ocean...but yes, when that no longer poses a problem, I would be ecstatic to learn Spanish cooking and be friends!

    Lindsey-- That's how I feel, so bittersweet! But I watch them over and over haha, so I will definitely feel complete I think :] AH I can't wait either! I agree, SO great that they're making two!

  13. Kalie-

    First of all, I love reading your blog :)

    Second of all, upon first glance I totally thought the title of this blog was "harry nipples and dessert." and i almost peed my pants laughing. :)

  14. red velvet is the bestttttttttt! i love the look of your blog :)

  15. i love red velvet cake - yum yum xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. sounds like the PERFECT evening :)

  17. I love that red-hearted apron. :) I just found your blog and I adore it. I'm your newest of followers.

    Bre @

  18. Hahah you're so funny! And red velvet cake and Harry are both wonderfullll <3

  19. I love Harry so much! Feel free to write about him every day, I'll read it and enjoy it :)

    And as for the cooking.. I think I'm giving up until I have kids. I tried to make homemade buffalo wings yesterday for my husband.. I accidentally bought drumsticks or something... So they were just super sized I guess?

  20. Emily-- Thanks!!
    BAHAHA that's hilarious and weird and totally awesome.

    Celeste- thank you! mmm it really is!

    Kristyb-- AH me too! I want more..

    Alfie-- YES! I need more just like it!

    Bre-- I'm so glad you're here! Thanks! Ah, I love that apron too, so cute..

    Danielle-- Haha thanks! They really ARE wonderful, I'm so glad you agree!

    Kelsey Dawn-- Oh gosh, I probably could write about him every day ha.

    HAHA that's hilarious! SO something I would do, too! Hey, more to eat, right?? Too funny :]

  21. Hey this is soo cute!
    What a bummer when hippies get in the way of our well-being, ha ha
    "I need to learn to cook. I have cute aprons." What a girl :) Love it!


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