Monday, June 7

make-a-goal monday; thrifty edition!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love thrift shopping. You can always find the most wonderful things that are always kind of if you're like me, it's excellent exercise walking vigorously down those aisles to find the best sales.

Recently, my pretty friend Sam and I took a visit to our local Goodwill. 

Her mission: To find a chair that could later be reupholstered.

My mission: just kind of wander around. (And hope I'd find something that was outrageously cheap and fabulous, begging me to take it home).

Sam had amazing luck, and though I don't have a picture to show, trust me when I say her $10 wing back chair will be absolutely perfect for a reading corner once it is given a make-over! Did I mention it was only $10?

But the luck didn't stop there.  As I was wandering the disheveled aisles, searching for a hidden treasure, my eyes locked on this little beauty:

 Sea-foam green, this gorgeous vintage type-writer and I fell in love at first sight. It has been a dream of mine to one day own a type-writer...and now, $15 later...I do!

When I got home, I looked it up immediately and discovered that the Hermes 3000 portable typewriter is a product of the 1950s and would cost me a whopping $500 to buy on the internet! Say whaaaaaaaaat. I couldn't believe it. I am so so excited about my little prize. I think I need to name her, next. Any suggestions?

So to be clear, I'll have you know that the above post has absolutely no relevance to this weeks goal whatsoever. I just really really wanted to share my exciting news :]

BUT. On to goal time.

I have been stifling my creativity lately.  Besides painting that little mirror, I have been so lazy and feeling to blah because of it. 
Goal:make something pretty. or, if not pretty, at least have fun following some inspiration this week. ok.

Again, having no relevance at all to anything I have yet written, I'd like to end this post with two words: Johnny Flynn.

I think I might be a little bit really in love with this man and his poetic brilliance.  (Ok fine, that was more than two words. This is worth it, though, I promise.) Incidentally, his new album is released today! (I found out this exciting news only yesterday from the always enchanting Kim at Magpie Eyes :] Thanks Kim for this enthralling piece of information!)
(if you're impatient, or in a hurry, the actual song starts about two minutes in)
Johnny Flynn - THE BOX from HECHO EN CINE on Vimeo.

Have a great Monday!


  1. That typewriter is SUCH a find! It's beautiful! Thrift shopping is so much fun. I hope you find a good dose of inspiration.. after all, it's summer!

  2. That typewriter is fabulous. Does it work still? I can't believe the price, it's outrageous.

    You are the nicest girl ever. I'M IN LOVE WITH JOHNNY FLYNN, I'M OBSESSED. HE IS MY ONE MY ONLY! HIS NEW ALBUM IS AMAZING, BARNACLED WARSHIP IS INCREDIBLE. If you go to his website you can hear the 5 song sampler .oh yes. I stalk, i know everything. He is doing a festival with Bob dylan , I WANT TO GO! I HAVE NO MONEY AND IT'S NOT FAIR. Also have you seen his new video for kentucky pill his single? OR if you have spotify it's on there, ready for your ears.

    I think i went crazy with this comment, but i'm in love. I spammed you sorry :/ You are the best Kalie ahhh fabulous girl. x.x.x

  3. p.s isn't la blogotheque the best? i love of his blogotheques! I love the dancing man tooooo!! x.x.x

  4. Kim!! I think that you and your amazing comment just made my day! Oh. My. Gosh. I thought I couldn't get anymore excited about Johnny Flynn and his new album, but girlfriend, YOU JUST MADE ME EVEN MORE EXCITED ABOUT IT!! I am so glad we can share this enthusiasm and I am also so glad you stalk, because it led to that 5 song player and made my ears so heart is bleeding.

    OH, sad! I AM BROKE TOO!!! I can't even afford the album yet! I am not even on the same continent as the festival :[ Heart. breaking.

    Ok, here's the plan: I am going to go overseas, and we are going to go to the show and see JOHHNY FLYNN and everything will be perfect. Oh, and in the midst of this, somehow we won't go broke. We'll even have enough money left over to go shopping or something. I think it sounds like a perfect plan. Lets do it.

    AND, thank you for that video link..somehow I love him even more now. How is that possible.

    AND that dancing man is my hero. Lucky fellow..right there with Johnny Flynn...sigh.

  5. Wow, we both went comment crazy. I LOVE IT.
    You're such a joy!

  6. Catherine, thanks, I am so excited about it! I can't even believe I found it. GREAT point, now is definitely the time to take in all the inspiration I can get!

  7. Seafoam? The fact that it's seafoam makes the typewriter even better. What a beautiful find you got! her Charlottle? haha. Ahh!! JOHNNY FLYNN...hes such a talented cutie.

  8. sooo jealous of your thrift find! I hope you name her something lovely!

    p.s thanks to Kim I have also been listening to nothing but Mr Flynn for the past two days...I think we have a miniature stalker fan club forming...

  9. Thrifting finds are the best!

  10. So. So. Jealous of your find. $15!!!! What a steal! And the color is fantastic! Everything about it is fantastic! Again, so jealous :)


  11. amazing find, lucky you! i love type writers - how they look, the clunky sound they make, everything.

  12. what an amazing find, indeed!!

    and ps: mr. flynn is amazing!

  13. i love johnny flynn so so so very much!
    i am incredibly jealous of your type writer, i want one so much!

    love from amelia of la ville inconnue

  14. hmmm i think i need to go thrifting now :)i saw some cool old cameras when i went before and am considering them- it would be fun to shoot with them!

  15. I'm loving the Mr.Flynn appreciation from everyone.

    That is simply the most perfect plan ever. We can go british thrifting and find me a lovely typewriter like yours, how i adore it. Kalie you are so wonderful! :) x.x.x

  16. Jada-- Thanks! The color is exactly what drew me to it..The picture does a poor job showcasing her color...but I love it. And Charlotte is a great name! She could definitely be a Charlotte...either that, or I'm feeling the name Evelyn. She seems very Evelynn-like.

    Casie Jean-- What a joyful time your ears must be having! Hey, SOMEONE has got to fill that creepy-stalker-fan role, so yes. We are on our way.haha

    And to the rest of you wonderful girls, thanks again! I am so excited about it! Keep your eyes peeled...there must be a special typewriter or other reasure, forgotten somewhere just waiting to be found by you! :]

    Krystal-- GREAT idea! You definitely should! I would love to see all the pictures you would take with it!

    Kim-- Right?! I love it.

    Ok, yes! That makes the plan even better. There is a sweet little british typewriter waiting for you, I know it. Ah! I adore you. :]

  17. Oh my goodness I love your precious type writter!! And that Johnny Flynn song is my FAVORITE!!! I love you my dear friend- coffee date soon??

  18. awesome typewriter! love it :)


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