Wednesday, June 9

that sight becomes this art

Today is one of those days where I just feel no aim nor purpose. I woke up this morning, and groggily took my car Molly Belle to the shop. With no transportation, I am left to my own imagination on how to occupy my day, here inside the walls of my house. Under normal circumstances, this would be a dream-- but today I do not feel normal.  I feel tired, I feel uninspired, I feel stuck, I feel heavy.  Do you ever feel that way? 

The poet Rumi had the right idea, I wish I felt this way--

In your light I learn how to love
In your beauty, how to make poems.

You dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you,

but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art. 

I don't even know what to blog about today. I got on here hopeful, with really no intention, and found that I did not even know what to say. My head's a clouded mess. I need to get out, clear my mind. I almost gave up, but then realized that the only one putting expectations on me is myself -- so then decided I am just going to be and say what I am, as I am, right now.  

Where do you find inspiration, dear readers? What do you do on days like these?


  1. I have more days like these than not. My mind gets tangled and i get frustration because i feel i should be doing something. I just wish i knew what.

    Those words are lovely, i aim to feel that way. I take a bath everytime i feel glum, you know the drill bubble beard, eyebrows and hair :) However Mr. Flynn lifts my spirits too, it's day three of constant listening. Such a great album have you got it yet? x.x.x

  2. Kim, It's so good to have you understand, it's nice knowing there's not something wrong with me! It's definitely frustrating.

    Maybe that is what I will do, I don't see how it could fail to brighten my day. Unfortunately, no I do not have his new album...but I did get paid yesterday, so perhaps I will splurge a little-- there's no need telling you that he is totally worth it! :]

  3. He is so worth it, i bought i double CD edition. I don't think there is any difference. But he is worth every penny. Have you ever seen him live?

    Yes, have a nice long bath and a cup of tea, that will work wonders :)

  4. Wow, I just decided to follow your Blog, and I must say that I'm in awe. As soon as I read that 'Invitation' quote, I knew I was in the right place in the right moment :)

    I really do agree with you here.. I have those days a lot, too. I can easily fall into that place of "where do I go next? What is it I can do now, here, and in this moment?" I often feel lost and overwhelmed. Some moments my only inspiration is the Sun, know? Maybe I'm not getting my feelings out like I want to in this comment.. I hope I'm making sense lol. I really do believe I know where you're coming from.... Thank you Kalie for opening your Heart and mind into this post. I admire you for that.♥ ~Yazzie♥ :)

  5. Kim, SAD news-- it seems as though I will not be getting my hands nor ears on his new album quite as soon as I'd hoped. Apparently, the US itunes store is not quite as amazing as yours and is trying to ruin my day...they don't have it :[ (p.s. I did not even know until this moment that each country has its own itunes...?? that's weird.) If I want it, I have to order it where it will be shipped to me...which is fine, but does not render the instant satisfaction I was hoping for. UGH no, I have not had the fortune of seeing him live! Have you??...It is certainly a LIFE goal day...sigh.
    YES I'm going to do JUST that, and listen to some slightly older, yet equally wonderful, Johnny Flynn while doing so. Thanks for that genius bit of advice! :]

    Yazzie, WOW! Thanks, you're so sweet! I completely understand, yo umade perfect sense. I know exactly what you mean, I just need to take today for what it is, one minute at a time.

  6. I totally have days like this! Especially towards the end of the term, when there is just so much to do it is hard to know where to begin, so sitting and doing nothing tends to be my only solution. But sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to feel this way, to know that it is okay to not always feel chipper and light, and that this too shall pass. On days like this, I usually light a candle, curl up with a good book and a hot drink, and try to just get through the day the best I can. Hugging my kitties is helpful also :)

  7. I'm having a lazy day. I called in to work, and now I'm complaining about how useless I feel. ha.
    I wish I could think of something to do!


  8. OH NO! That's a travesty. an outrage.
    Yes, three times now. I suppose i have the advantage of living sort in the same area like the east of england, like an hour and a half or something. HE IS SOOOO GOOD LIVE. He is so shy it's funny. He babbles a lot too. You must must must see him.

    I hope you are feeling ship-shape tomorrow.x.x.

  9. Hello! Thank-you for the comment love. This blogging thing is new to me but I'm loving so far. Love your blog! Just beautiful! Will be following for sure xoxox

  10. i have a lot of days like this! usually i'll read others' posts until i can't stand it anymore and then i'll post about something random... or do a photo post! hope you're feeling better tomorrow!

  11. Elizabeth-- YES, this time of the year is so hard! But you have great coping methods...I am cuddling my kitty as I type this :]

    Tywo-- oh no! That's no good! maybe having a day off atleast will help clear your head and energize you for the rest of the week!

    Kim-- I KNOW!! What the heck is itunes waiting for?? Oh my gosh, you LUCKY girl! That is so adorable of him. Yes, I suppose that is QUITE the advantage...I have a large amount of land and sea separating me...that man needs to make his way to states ASAP. P.S...the combination of tea/bubble bath/and Johnny Flynn was a lifesaver today. :]

    Ruthie-- thanks! You are off to an amazing start!

    Leigh Ashley-- Yes, most of the time thats what it comes down to for me, as well! Thank you:]

  12. Hey!

    So glad I introduced you to the joy of catsinsinks! It's so joyous, hehe!

    I only just got your blog title's Emily reference, oh dear. She's amazing though.


  13. Lovely lady, can I just say that I love your blog and I loved reading your writings. They are so inspirational! So glad I stumbled across your was my gold nugget for the day! x

  14. Yah I am there with you - and it's so hard to just DO something other than mope around. I guess I don't know what I do...probably wait for it to pass - but I also try to go for a run or make a to do list. Sometimes it helps =) And those pictures are lovely.

  15. your blog is beautiful! I am so glad you found me so that I could find you. Your layout is lovely as well...and makes me wonder...could i commission your services to help me with my own blog layout??? my email is

    really beautiful blog. and i love ASL too! I used to be much more fluent that I am now...

  16. oh i understand how you feel on days that you feel no motivation. on days like those i curl up on my futon and devour a book.

    when i am inspired though..i got on a total creative journal all day.

    the art you shared is beautiful! thank you for sharing love


  17. beautiful art!

    and thank you, its funny that everyone is going crazy over the umbrella - i just found it at my house and no one is really sure who it belongs to, the handle doesn't extend to its full capacity anymore and when its windy it turns inside out. but i love it too, haha :)



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