Sunday, June 6

the cat lady cornering kitties

The cat lady strikes again. Dun dun DUUUNNN.

This time, she catches them in the bathroom, minding their own business...

This is Lilly. Whilst in the sink, we are not allowed to use it, but instead must walk all the way over to the other bathroom or kitchen, and use those sinks. Case and point that the cats run this house.

This is Sam.  He is very skittish, and obviously very very cute.  It is funny that he should be found on the scale...he is a particularly chubby kitty.

Shortly after these were taken, they each got a smooch on the face. Muhahahaha.

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. how cute! i have two kitties too... the also rule the roost! :)

  2. They are so cute! Now to get Cam to feel the same way...

  3. it is silly how animals run houses...i give up perfectly good nights of comfortable sleep so that i don't disturb my dog...oh goodness.

  4. This is the sweetest. I miss my stolen cat :/

  5. Your cats are so, so adorable!!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  6. those kitty cats are sooooooo cute ;)
    awww I want a cat now...

  7. I have 45 house kitties and they let my wife and I live here as long as we feed them and keep the litter clean. LOL

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  9. How adorable! I have two cats at my parent's house, one who rules and one who runs as well. Love them. Now that I am out of the house and married I want cats of my own! Too bad the hubs is allergic.


  10. Oh, thanks everyone, I think they are pretty darn cute, myself!

    Kelly...he will get there. We will make sure of it.

    Kim...your cat was stolen? :[ That is so heartbreaking. What kind of cruel person steals a cat? Honestly. That is terrible..I'm so sorry!

    Rachael...That really is too bad! At least you have kitties to go visit:] They really are funny, aren't they..they own us.

  11. Aww too cute!! I'm a cat lady too so your in good company ;)

    Cheers, Jesa

  12. Jesa, thanks! I love meeting fellow cat ladies! I feel like they understand when I obsess over those little furry babies.

  13. Your kitties are so cute! Don't they find the strangest places to hang out? I found my little Peanut on one of the shelves in the linen closet this morning, snuggled between the towels and sheets.

  14. Cute!

    This reminds me of, hehe! So silly, such a good time waster.

    Your blog is so lovely, I'm so glad you're following mine.


  15. P.S. Oooh I'm your 101st follower, that's a pretty neat number to be. Heh!



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