Saturday, June 12

going dutch

This sunny saturday morning I was awoken at an obnoxiously early hour by my kitty, Sam. His little cries were heard outside my door until I let him in, and once he was in, he proceeded to trample all over me and my bed, forcing me to pet him-- which I did, of course, because I am a push-over. I have been up ever since.

This morning consists of a delicious caramel-espresso concoction from the always fabulous Dutch Bros...

And some crafty work on my 2010 afghan, which I am happy to say, is finally coming together and surprisingly is turning out quite like I had hoped!

Maybe I will do some reading, next.  Maybe some cleaning (not as appealing). Maybe petting my cats some more. Maybe I will be productive in some manner instead of making completely unnecessary posts like this one.

In any case, I hope your saturday is just as lazy and fine as mine has been thus far. 

oh, p.s.
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  1. That coffee looks delicious!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday, mine has consisted of petting my wonderful cat Charlie ( I too am a push-over) and some reading. The caramel espresso sounds simply heavenly - I must try it some time. Wishing you a happy rest of the weekend :)

  3. that afghan looks so splendid!
    i can't even imagine committing to a project that big! It took me around 3 weeks to finally finish this winter headband I was knitting lol
    I commend you!

  4. love that knitted pattern. very cool! :)

  5. Wow that is amazing Kalie, you talented girl. i want to make one!!!
    This is going to sound weird, but can i send you something in the post?
    I think you will appreciate it :) x.x.x

  6. Caramel + espresso = my fave! So yummy.

  7. Ohhh that coffee looks sounds so yummy.

    I spent my Saturday at work, and my evening knitting, watching Grand Designs, and listening to Johnny Flynn.

    If it weren't for that last one, I'd sound about 50 years older than I am, hehe!


  8. Sam-- Charlie sounds so cute! Sounds like a great saturday, yes DO try it! It is soo good.

    Casie-- Thank you! oh dear! yes, it is taking quite last one took almost a year because I took so many long breaks from it! haha

    Natalie-- that is so sweet, thanks!

    Kim!-- Thanks so much, as always your comment makes my day, you're so kind. Of course you can! I would be so honored! I can email you my shipping address!! :]

    Amber-- MINE TOO! It's such a treat. yum yum yum

    Miss sparrow-- I absolutely love that ha. I am such a granny, just fits! And YES, Johhny Flynn! Oh my goodness, he has been filling my ears with joy nonstop for the last week!

  9. Haha, I have to laugh at your kitty wake up. When locked out of the room my cat does the SAME thing. She totally runs the house...
    I LOVE your afghan! I'm attempting to crochet a blanket (at a very beginner level!). I hope to some day start an afghan like yours!!

  10. Hahaha I'm Dutch and I've never even heard of the Dutch Bros! Is it some kind of Starbucks?

    And whoa, you crafted that? You're talented! I can't even knit a scarf without it somehow ending up full of holes.

  11. i love waking up early! it sucks for a minute and then it's wonderful. i always get so much more done early in the morning!

    and ps... that afghan is AWESOME! i can't believe you're making that!!

  12. awe, I know how you feel. I love my cat but hate when she wakes me up too early. I try locking her out but then she just meows till i let her back in. Eventually I give in and let her have the attention she wants.
    And that Afghan looks great! I wish someone could teach me how to make one.

  13. sounds like a wonderful day! that drink sounds delicious and that afghan is looking beautiful


  14. I finally responded to your Abracadabra, wow! post!! Check it out =)

  15. Krista-- ah kitties are SO silly, they know they are in charge. congrats! one of my favorite blog is she is a brilliant crocheter and has some really cool patterns on there!

    Kim-- yes! it's a sweet little coffee place, they are usually free-standing little drive-thrus...and delicious! I am a terrible knitter haha...I've tried..and gave up. I love to crochet, though :]

    Leigh Ashley-- Much of the time I also enjoy it...but this time was a little TOO early for my liking! ha but it's worth it for a kitty-snuggle.

    Andie-- Right?! It becomes so heart breaking trying to ignore their little meows after awhile!

    Jasmine-- yes it was yummy! and thanks so much!

    Elise-- check!

  16. Your Saturday sounds pretty dreamy to this girl and your afghan is rockin girl!!!

  17. oh wow.. your diy seems so neat and pretty!!! :D you're very creative and talented to be able to do that! :D

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