Friday, June 11


Yesterday, my mom and I went and  made a visit to the sweet (literally) little chocolate shop of Godiva. There is something so magical about a chocolate shop, and nothing makes me want to binge on chocolate  more than the pretty packaging and lovely layout of all the little treats. 

I was enchanted by all the tantalizing sweets, especially since it all instantly reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Chocolat.  Vianne's little chocolaterie makes me crave all those delicious and beautiful looking desserts...honestly, desserts never looked so good as her extravagant ones. They are gorgeous,  like art. 

I love this movie.  It makes me want to open up my very own chocolaterie..Plus, it certainly doesn't hurt that Johnny Depp makes a smashing appearance as the handsome and mysterious Roux...

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! All you need to do is leave a comment under that post indicating that you're interested...I am thinking of adding more prizes in to sweeten the pot (yes, pun intended in honor of this delicious post).

I'll let you know though :]


  1. oh my gosh... this all looks delish! my tastebuds want some! and i LOVE that movie! one of my mom and my faves!!

  2. I wish there was a Godiva store nearby! I may just have to make brownies tonight.

  3. oo, yummy. have you read the book? i love the film and book equally, they are both magical :)


  4. yumm this post is not good hun, now I'm craving chocolate and worst I have a whole box of Godiva chocolate that I'm trying to eat one by one and it has not been working out that way.
    Love that movie too btw

    *runs downstairs to the kitchen to devour Godiva box*

  5. Leigh Ashley-- right?! SO good! (the chocolate AND the movie ha)

    LeighSW-- well, its pretty dangerous to have one near...but I do love it! mm brownies sound delicious! fresh ones with a glass of

    eleanor-- YES! I have indeed read the book...I saw the movie first though, so I must admit I am quite partial to it, although I love love books :]

    Zaira-- Oh no!! ha I should have known I'd send someone over the edge with this post! I succumbed to a chocolate binge yesterday and now I'm taking everyone down with me haha
    Try to resist it, girl, say NO!

  6. Omg, we just watched that movie religion ! :)
    johny dep is hot as ;)
    great post =D

  7. MMMMmmm. I love chocolate!
    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  8. What a delicious post, both movie and chocolate's alike. I haven't seen it for a while now I much get it out. xxxxx

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  9. She wore such lovely clothes in this film!

    And Johnny had a cute little daughter. So cute.


  10. Yum! The little ice cream thingys are my favorite. Fun!

    I've never seen this movie... I think I might have to change that. Apparently a lot of people like it.

    enjoy the weekend while it lasts!

  11. Chocolat is one of my favorite movies ever.
    And, girl, you need to come to Europe! You can't be on the same continent as Switzerland, Belgium, and France and not have AMAZING chocolate in every shop.

  12. I LOVE the film Chocolat! As a matter of fact I just made Arece watch it with me on Wednesday... he wont admit it, but he loved it :-)

  13. I used to watch Chocolat all of the time, it's one of my favorite movies!


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