Saturday, May 29

ready for my close-up

Today really should be my day to conquer the Shakespeare homework that has been piling up and taking over my life.  But I choose to be true to my nature and prioritize crafting and reading all of your beautiful blogs above my education.  (Remember that make-a-goal monday post from about a month ago? I believe it was my very first one-- the one about not procrastinating? Yeah, I did really great for that week. And that week alone.)

Don't get me wrong-- I love Shakespeare. I love Shakespeare. I could read him all day long....if he wasn't my homework. Somehow that changes everything. 

BUT I had no problem preoccupying myself otherwise. 

It has been quite a long time since I've done any painting, and a certain plain, white little compact mirror was just begging me to give it a makeover and then take kind-of-crappy pictures of it.

And voila. Nothing to call the press about, but I had fun :] I tried to keep it from being too cheesy, but a little slipped in there. But how can it not, I'm painting a compact mirror, for Pete's sake!

In other news, I found a superb little treasure at TJ Maxx the other day:

Isn't that adorable? Cute little tin-bus full of tea...I love you.

This is my favorite part, I think:

Ope. That little old cat lady is so cute. 

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. haha i love the tea bus and the english looking stereotypical characters upon it. I love the mirror too. You are brilliant.

    I know what you mean about studying a book/ play write. I deliberately refused to study english in higher education despite my overwhelming love for literature, everyone said if you analysis a good book, and read it to death... it ruins it. You destroy the love for most books in the end by the process of over analysing them.

  2. Hey! I'm a new follow and fellow procrastinator as well.. it's such a terrible habit, but I can't seem to stop. So I understand!

    I also LOVE that bus tin full of tea!

    You have a cute blog. :)


  3. I've never met anyone who has not procrastinated at least once in their life. Don't feel so bad. :) Besides, you created something totally adorable because of it!

  4. I love the quote you put on your mirror; so cute! and that tea bus is adorable, it would be great for keeping knick-knacks in afterwards. xo

  5. Loving the tea bus, i so want-lol!

    Your adorable :)

  6. yeah it's very fun the way you customize your mirror and the london bus is great ;-)

  7. I love the bus, and the quote you painted, such a great message!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. That compact is so cute! You did a wonderful job :)

    and I love that bus! Too cute


  9. Aw very cute mirror. :)))
    And yeah I know what you mean about "I love Shakespeare, just not as homework thing."
    & I sent you a request on facebook. I'm "Abby Hall."

  10. Cute job on the mirror. Looks great! :)

  11. hi, noticed that you were following, thanks! haha I have the same problem with procrastination. i read shakespeare for, good luck! love your new mirror <3

  12. You did a fantastic job giving your compact a makeover. It's adorable!

  13. LOVE what you've done to that makeup case! perfect!

  14. i love the compact mirror, it's wonderful and slightly cheesy but in a wonderful way and i'm not lactose intolerant so gotta love some cheese.
    also i compleltely agree about studying literature in school sort of ruining it all. We're studying Sylvia Plath, and although I was never her greatest fan i can now barely stand to read her poems (most of which i did really rather like) following being forced to write about them
    i just love your blog by the way

    love from amelia of la ville inconnue

  15. great project! i love that quotation! i have all these blank, plain things i keep and plan to paint but haven't done yet so congratulations, you got this one done!

  16. Haha, I remember seeing that tin in London souvenir shops (: Nice job on the mirror!



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