Monday, May 31

make-a-goal monday: memorial day edition

Today is memorial day. I got to go to a fun pool party with some of my wonderful friends (I was the one with a gallon of suncreen on my skin, out of the water, covered in clothes, granny-floppy-hat on my head. I believe I have discussed this issue before; I am not a fan of baring-all in a swimsuit, thank you very much, NOR subjecting my pasty skin to the sun's evil UV rays). BUT despite this, I enjoyed this afternoon very much! Anyways, I am just as happy to have today off as the next person, but in the midst of the holiday festivities, I want to take time to remember why we have this day at all. 

I do not personally know anyone currently in the military, let alone someone who gave their life for this country. I am so thankful for that...but I know friends who do have loved ones fighting far away, or loved ones who they have lost. And I know that there are people all over the country who have suffered the loss of friends or family overseas.  I don't know about anyone else here, but I know that personally, there is so much I take for granted.  I live in a country that allows me to be free. I mean, you know, America can be kind of  messed up sometimes, but generally I have it good here.  I am allowed so many things that people in many parts of the world are not.  Brave men and women fought for that.  

So. I'm to get a little wild and crazy here and present TWO goals for this week. WOO.
Goal one: Remember what I am blessed with.  Remember to be thankful for all that I have in my life. Don't take the things and people in my life for granted.

Goal two: I am going to finally be sending my first letter to my new friend and pen-pal Paige! (She has a really awesome blog that you should check out, if you haven't already). I have never had a pen-pal before, so I am SO excited!

I'd love to hear what kinds of fun things you all did this memorial weekend!

Have a happy and safe Monday, friends!


  1. Hey, I like the 'make a goal monday' idea. I'm the same way when it comes to pool parties. Lovin' you layout. :) enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

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  3. i was swimming today too! wasn't it wonderful?

    oh a penpal sounds like a lot of fun! :]


  4. I am SOO excited. And this post was lovely, I agree that we need to focus on the good more--it's so easy not to.

  5. it is so important to remember how blessed we are to live in this country! ** thank you to all who have served & sacrificed for our freedom & safety! :)

    & don't feel bad, loads of sunscreen is a must for me too! :)

  6. Ooohhh yay pen pals! I think I might have one this summer.
    Thanks for adding me on fb.
    Good luck with your goals!

  7. Great post :D

    Please Can you follow me and i'll follow you back ?:D


  8. pen pals sounds like such a fun idea. i haven't done that since 4th grade.

  9. Hi you and your blog are darling. And I love this post. And the one about sports. OK, fine, I love all of them.


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