Saturday, May 29


I am really really terrible at being a fan of sports. Or really any type of competitive ordeals. 

For example:
Everywhere I've turned these past few weeks, I hear about the Suns (Phoenix basketball team, for those unaware) nonstop.  And that's totally fine, but do I know what is happening? Well, no. And do you want to know what happened when my dad started talking about overtime-something-or-other and some doodad about records? I said, "Well I don't know about that, but I do know that the longest recorded quidditch game was 3 months." Doh! Yes, I am that girl.

So I've come to some conclusions: I can totally appreciate the idea of organized sports and healthy competition that promotes teamwork. But then I see people get so worked up about winning this, and losing that, and I start to feel so anxious.  I love that people can come together for a common purpose and have some fun-- heck, winning something is great-- but then...then I start to feel sad....

...because for every win,  the other side "loses"! And they just look so sad about it.  Back to my example, apparently,  the other night the Suns played the Lakers (some other guys from some other place) and lost-- but the Lakers were jumping up and down and smiling and they were just so happy.  But Suns fans were so upset.  And, well, I'm thinking, "Those other guys wanted to win just as bad, and now look how happy they are!"  I realize that by now, I am probably the most annoying person in the whole world to sports fanatics everywhere. And I hope that if you are a sports fan reading this right now, please know that I am not trying to put down sports or you. I love you for who you are passionate. And that is great. And I also recognize that these athletes are incredibly talented and work hard and I fully appreciate it. I can hardly throw a ball-- so I am in awe of professional athletes.  So I do not mean this disrespectfully at all.  Having said this...I just cannot make myself enjoy sports. I've tried...and I just can't.  I know I am a total weirdo for not liking sports. What kind of American am I?!

(A lot of this might be easily explained by early childhood trauma in P.E. class and the numerous days I was picked last/fell down/was hit in the face by a ball/etc. But that is another story for another time. I'm still healing. ) I think I would like competition a lot better if it wasn't so scary and aggressive.  I like when everybody is a winner....And with that remark my post comes full circle, affirming the point that I am truly terrible at being a fan of sports.

Anyway, this was a completely unproductive and meaningless post revealing the strange innerworkings of my tired mind.  I hope for it's lack of enlightenment, it was atleast entertaining.  Goodnight!


  1. Are you kalie brynn morell on facebook? if so i'll send a friend request. i just want to make sure it's you!
    have a marvelous weekend!

  2. i'm drinking my tea and reading this.

    I couldn't agree more. I respect and envy sports people, but it's a game right? They are so over paid for kicking, throwing or whatever. I use to be really sporty when i was at school, but thank the lord i grew out of it. The furthest i'll stretch to exercise is a leisurely bike ride... downhill. all in all sports no no for me.

    weather report- major rain and really cold, plus it's a bank holiday BOOO.

    Hope you are having a nice sunny weekend.xx

  3. Right! Girlfriend, we are so on the same page.

    Darn! I will try to send some sunny weather your way...I can't say it will make it, but I'll try.

    Bundle up and stay warm!

  4. Good point, I hate organized sports they just bore me, playing them is almost as bad as watching them... I prefer to dance hah

  5. Thank you for your interest in my blog. Very sweet of you. I can't wait to read more of your posts & though I do understand where you're coming from. I enjoy watching and cheering on folks whether it be the winner or loser, but your post was still very entertaining, I agree! :)

  6. Hi Kalie, thanks for visiting/following my blog! Your comment is so encouraging and I am so glad you like my photos!

    I think when it comes to sports, unless you play the sport you will never really get it? I am as clueless as you about basketball and I know absolutely nothing about football. But for sports I play or for the World Cup this summer, nothing is better than getting a group of friends together, eating lots of food, and cheering/shouting at the TV when our team scores hahahaha. Yes, it is sad when your team wins, but the game was still fun and there is always next time!

    As for getting hurt, a friend of mine that I play frisbee with jokes: "Sacrifice your body for the sport". Yeah it might hurt tomorrow, but the feeling of tumbling in the grass after a magnificent save is quite exhilarating (you look cooler too hahah). When you give it your all, even if you lose, you have no regrets!

    Heheheh - but I think its perfectly fine to not like sports. There are so many other wonderful things in this world to enjoy!

  7. No kidding. My theory: sports is the faction-creator that started political parties. Lol.

  8. Agreed completely! I can never honestly enjoy organized sports. They bore me to tears. It's nice to know I'm in good company at least...

  9. Um...... Can I just say...... I am so glad you are my friend? Oh... and I'm really glad you write.


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