Monday, May 3

make-a-goal monday!

Number 4 on my list. When the year turned 2010, I had made a resolution to myself-- I would pursue what I not only love to do, but what I also believe might be a gift God has given me: writing.  However, the only writing I've managed to complete thus far are a number of school essays (boooring!), and this blog.  While these in and of themselves are accomplishments, I have avoided exactly what I intended to do; lame!

While writing is something I have always loved, I have had a fear of delving into it, for some reason, and furthermore, a fear of sharing it with anyone else! I started this blog last July, and it was only a few months ago that I really started sharing it with anyone. I guess for me, writing and sharing what I write is a very vulnerable thing to do.  However, I am a firm believer in sharing the talents you have with other people to bless them:  Maybe you are a talented musician/singer. Maybe you are really good at decorating. Maybe you're good at cooking. Or teaching! Or organizing! Or painting! Each and every talent a person has can be used to bless others, and you never know when it may mean a lot to someone when you share your gift!  For instance, I seriously have no talent or inclination whatsoever at being organized; I am terrible. But  I LOVE organized friends! They are so helpful. So, while these next couple weeks are going to be chaos due to finals, I am resolving to make time for some writing, and see where it leads me..! 

How about you? What wonderful things are you good at? How can you use them? It would be so fun to share them..!

Anyways! On a completely new note, yesterday I had an itch to go to Goodwill and see if I could find some treasures..

..and I found the best things ever!

A picnic basket! I have always wanted a picnic basket. Mmm, picnics! And I love my new shoes. I would like to wear them to a picnic. And a teacup and saucer!--who doesn't love a cute teacup and saucer?? (Also on my list is to expand my teacup collection, so, SCORE!)

I hope you have a great, blues-free, wonderful Monday!


  1. Oh cute-you can incorporate all of that into a picnic! Go on a picnic with your teacup and saucer in the basket and wear your shoes!
    Oh, &...
    you have won an award on my blog!

  2. you should definitely devote more time to writing, you truly have talent!

    i am in the midst of finals this week too... but when the semester is over i would love to take a photography class and see what develops!

    p.s. loving your goodwill finds. i heart picnic baskets.

  3. You are adorable.
    xo Emily

    Come follow me and shop my vintage store, link is on the blog.

  4. oh my, your blog is so cute ;)

    Carissa @ ScribbleBabbles

  5. you write beautifully kalie! hmmm i know what you mean about the hesitation to share... it's a place of vunerability. But maybe it will help to grow your talent even more


  6. I too love writing, and you may think that "this ol' blog" isn't helping you reach your goal, but I noticed yesterday when I went to write an essay for a job application that my narrative skills have been honed by the stuff I write on my blog. Writing is writing, just make sure you leave some time for the actual stuff. No writing is a waste :)

  7. please never stop writing, I love your blog!
    and the gold rim on the pink tea cup is so beautiful! xo

  8. i think thats great that writing is something you truly love and speaks to your passion:) and such gorgeous little items!


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