Thursday, May 27

follow you

Today, I am choosing to receive God's love for me.  He is so much bigger than we can even imagine; He is infinite. And He loves me. May I glorify Him today, and every day...

The following are a few quick words that kind of pin down where my heart is...I was inspired by the Leeland song "Follow You."

I'll follow You into the streets of the abandoned
I'll give to You the darkness where I'm shamed
I'll follow You, leave my ways stained and bended
I'll give it up to the Love that heals all pain

And where You go, I surely will not tarry 
To follow You with Your offers foremost
My flesh I shed, throw to the grave, and bury
I'll follow you and drink Your love and hope.


  1. I love this. I've been feeling the same way!

  2. its so beautiful to have faith <3 Feel the same way here :)

  3. Feel the same way!! Beautiful pictures!!stumbled on your blog! lovely :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  4. God is great.
    This is beautiful..


  5. Yes he is, and I'm glad you've chose the right way. :)
    You're beautiful, and so is that picture. Hee hee.

  6. :')
    Faith, such a beautiful thing.
    It's what keeps me going, most days.

  7. it's so good to choose to receive God's love, every single day!! it changes everything. it gives us hope. :) very beautiful words!

  8. i feel the same way! thank you for sharing your faith <3

    also, thank you for the very sweet comment you left! i appreciate it :]. Thank you as well for liking my dress! I'll prob end up selling it in the near future.

    <33 def following you!


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