Saturday, April 24

this is my magical saturday.

I am feeling rather productive today, and here's why..

This morning I washed my car, Molly Belle. This is really a rare and amazing act; poor Molly, she really needed a bath! Molly is a little white, girl just like me, and it has been far too long since I have cleaned her; but today, she is shining!

And now, at this present moment, I am in the company of two of my beautiful friends Emily and Katie, and we girls are spending our Saturday up to our elbows in homework! Gotta love finals time...

Now, mind you, as I am talking about how productive I have been, I still somehow managed to wander over to my little blog; just a break, right??

This evening, Emily and I had plans to go see The Avett Brothers in concert.  And my heart was so overjoyed at the thought of seeing this amazing band perform live! However, we are college students (code term for a person who is in a constant state of being broke), and the dear Avetts are a little bit too pricey for us! However, since I cannot be there tonight, I want to share a little bit of them here with you, in their tribute.  I think I can sincerely say that they are my favorites at this moment!  I dare you to resist falling in love with them and their superb musicality..I don't think it's possible.

One day, Avetts, one day, I will get to see you..

enjoy with your whole heart...


  1. I love the Avett Brothers! I'm so sorry you missed them. Not being able to go to a show is so sad.


  2. I love them, you have great taste! x

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope :) xx

  4. I adore the Avett Brothers SO SO SO much. they are one of my favourites for the past 4 years.


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