Sunday, April 25

it happens.

Some days I don't feel like brushing my hair.  Sometimes I eat like a bottomless pit.  Sometimes I'd rather sit on the ground than cross my legs on a chair.  Sometimes I just hate the thought of putting on make-up.  Also, I am a huge slob.  

But let's be real -- I am still a girl.  And sometimes I am really good at it. Here is a look back at this week's gloriously girly moments...

1. Does anyone else bawl their eyes out during the first 12 minutes of the movie "UP"? Oh my gosh, it gets me every time.  It is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. This week as I was nanny-ing, the boys picked this lovely film to watch.  And I swear, within 5 minutes there were tears streaming down my face.  I can guarantee that the 3 and 7 year old boys had no way of fathoming what was happening to my emotions.

2. Like most girls, I adore clothes, but have limited funds and therefore I love for myself a fabulous, thrifty bargain.  I made my way over to my local beloved Buffalo Exchange, where to my delight, they were having a $1 SALE!! Oh. My. Gosh. Here are some of my super lucky finds!

Uhhh, pure joy!

3. It's a difficult thing to watch one of my favorites, "Stranger Than Fiction," and not become overwhelmed with the desire for baked goods like the ones Ana Pascal makes. The craving yesterday for Emily and me was out of control.  So what were we compelled to do?  Get over to AJ's as fast as possible and order ourselves a delicious red velvet cake. Mmmmm...



So there you go.  That's today's look at this week's fabulously girly moments. It happens.


  1. Oh yes, it is so sad. Along with Toy Story, it's my favorite Pixar film. I love how Pixar doesn't always make their movies so perfect and happy like all Disney films. Mmmm that cake looks yummy. And I know what you mean about laying on the floor instead of sitting up in a chair, haha.
    Very gorgeous shirts, and so cheap!

  2. My mouth is watering for that cake :)

  3. We are so alike. Sometimes I have those blah moments too...but sometimes I just wanna wear a pretty dress. Love your $1 finds :)

  4. Ohh that part in UP is sad :( heart-breaking love. sigh.
    Great finds at the buffalo exchange (esp. the last floral dress!) i'm guessing thats like a 2nd hand shop? Hehe i love the random spontanious girly moments!

  5. We are so similar! It's actually weird. Those dresses are gorgeous. I want them! $1 sale that's insane. Vintage clothes cost a lot more in England :( x

  6. Really cute clothes you found at Buffalo Exchange!

  7. I love that movie. When I saw it in theaters I definitely cried behind my 3-D glasses during that part. I felt like such a sap!

  8. UP brought a tear to my eye, still love the film though.

  9. Yes!! I could not believe I was crying over a cartoon! It was so touching, though. It's so funny hat you mention that because my husband and I just watched UP 2 nights ago.
    Thanks for visiting my blog - I just became a follower of yours, too!!

  10. I get a little teary eyed with those first moments of Up, it is true. you got me!


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