Saturday, April 3

saturday sunshine & some favorite things

I can't say enough how thankful I am for this Saturday -- I have been looking forward to it all week! Since school started back up two weeks ago, bringing along with it the addition of TWO more classes, I have been busy and emotionally all over the place (hence the no blogging -- sad). But today, there is no work. Today, I got to sleep in. Today I got to HIKE! And look! -- this is what I found in the beautiful desert...

...wildflowers! Aren't they pretty? Even in the most unexpected places, God sprinkles beauty and wonder dust and makes things like flowers. I love it -- in fact, they are one of my favorite things...

1. wildflowers

they are always surprising, beautiful, and untamed! they are a picture of natural beauty.

2. sunscreen

I know, I's weird that I love it. But think of all the mean uv rays and burning it saves you from! The higher the spf, the better, I say. Plus, it smells so good. I love the way it smells.
And this, I thought, was just hilarious...

3. freckles

you should espcially wear sunscreen if you have freckles! But anyways, I just love these. People who have them are lucky...they make a person unique and they are just so beautiful!

4. dreaming about being a 50s-esque housewife

What can I say...I guess I'm old fashioned. But who doesn't love cute aprons and fresh baked cookies and taking care of people you love??
Well anyways, today I do have some actual work to take care of. HOMEWORK of all things, but atleast it's Shakespeare :] Besides that, I have the rest of this glorious weekend day to enjoy. I hope you all have a great Saturday, too! And hopefully enjoy some of YOUR favorite things!

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