Friday, January 29

Finished blanket!

So after months of toil, days of cramping hands, and hours of love and sweat poured over yarn (not really the sweat part, though, that's gross) I have FINALLY finished my blanket!

Last April my beautiful friend Elise showed me her crafty ways and taught me how to start with one crocheted circle after another to accomplish ...THIS!...

My blanket journey was long; joyful at times, grievous at others, even reaching at times points of disappointment and discouragement as it appeared it would never end, but because of encouragement from dear friends, and my own determined pursuit, I can now be happily-warm-and-cozy ever after!

ta-da! So that marks a goal off my list. Not only was it my hope to finish my blanket this year, but to finish before the end of January! Great start to the new year :] Now I'm off to find the next crafty-journey calling my name...


  1. Kalie your blanket is beautiful!! I admire your raw talent and pure determination. I cant wait to see the next project you take on. Love you!!

  2. Your blanket it sooo beautiful! I am trying to teach myself granny squares right now, so that I can eventually do something like this!


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