Monday, February 22

where does inspiration find you?

Whether I am sitting around with a friend, listening to a captivating song, or hiking through God's beautifully crafted nature, I have found that inspiration grasps me; not just an inspiration to create, or think, but to be. To be the me that I was created to be. Have you ever felt that grasp of the soul, the kind you feel in your belly and know that you have been moved in way that will ensure you'll never be exactly the same as before? You may not change a lot, but just a little; and in that little bit you have been altered into a slightly bigger, slightly wiser, and slightly fuller person. I thank God for this inspiration and movement always.
I have been given beautiful and inspiring friends, who are constantly an aid to the molding of my thinking and understanding. Some impart valuable wisdom, others instill joy, and each are unique and special. To those who appreciate magic, you know who you are :] And still others who have played significant roles in my life (bffleadnasdneea, if you are reading this), and those who are far, but so very dear and irreplaceable (tres twigs...), and those who I am still getting to know and continually learn about and from, and to those I will meet in my future, I thank you -- know that you are dear to me.
Up until the the past year of my life, I have missed out on one of my
current greatest enjoyments; the splendid outdoors. Out of fear of incapability, and an assumed distaste for anything that may require physical exertion, I did not venture outside to the beauty and magnificence of nature. But I have recently learned that one of my favorite and most restful places to be, not to mention incredibly inspiring, is the top of a mountain. I love being outside, and taking in the artwork of our master Creator! I have found how fervently He woos me with His full palette of colors that can be found in the sky, or how the landscape of the desert blooms into a green wonderland after our period of rain, or how the air at the top is refreshing.
I feel that to conclude, I must mention that I am at this present moment listening to the 'Bright Star' soundtrack. The music in this film will, if you let it, take you to an ethereal dreamlike state that is soothing and moving. There is hardly anything so inspirational as a beautiful piece of music. If you have not seen this movie, or furthermore, heard this music, I implore you to do so as quickly as time permits! Enjoy, and have a beautiful day..

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  1. i just recently saw "bright star" & it was amazing! so pretty! i love music like that!


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