Sunday, December 27

a few more favorites...

today was just one of those days....
time to brighten myself up and reflect on a few more of my favorite things...
1. dresses!

anything pretty and feminine! add a dash of old-fashioned and my heart melts..

2. mis-matched socks.

never let the problem of the mysterious disappearing socks add misery to your life again; anything goes, and it's somehow THAT much more comfy...

3. red doors.

I don't know why. But they're pretty...and kind of seem to say, 'hi! come adventuring...' Also, they are very classy looking.

4. the beatles.

This doesn't really call for an explanation.

5. teacups and saucers!

They are adorable, and sophisticated, and beautiful; they are anything you choose. They are especially best when you mix and match them....usually people who think this also like mis-matched socks.

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