Friday, October 12

seattle tours p.4: lucca boutique

perhaps you, reader, will understand what i mean when i say that there are some places that were made to warm the soul. places that are sweet, and lovely, and tinged with magic. like a coffee shop. or rei. these places, i think, are different for everyone. for instance, a person might walk into a home depot or kay jeweler's and feel this. i do not. but i will tell you where a wonderland of mine lies. found in the cobbled street of old ballard avenue lies a darling little shop called lucca. often on my strolls i find that my feet take me here, really without much prompting from myself. they just know. my feet like traveling to magical places, so.

it is, essentially, a gift shop. but a special gift shop. if you ask me, i think the more appropriate term would be treasure shop. in no other place does my heart fall in love with postcards. i'm serious. or matchboxes. this is what i mean - everything there is special. if you, like me, am a lover of fine classic vintage, of handmade treats, of books, of buttons, of paper and of whimsy, then i highly suggest a visit here. plus, the folks you will find there are so nice. they really are.

happy friday, lovies. i hope you are enjoying fall as much as i am. unless you live across the world, such as australia, where it is not fall. or if you are in florida. or phoenix. to you i say, i hope the sun is treating you well and not burning your skin. be pro-active, friends! remember your sunscreen! and large-brimmed hats! 

how have you been celebrating the fall? and what are your weekend plans? 

p.s. i updated my "about' page! i don't know. maybe you're interested. if you don't know me, that is. if so - hello. it's nice to meet you. 

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