Wednesday, May 23

good music, day three. and on giving up and making excuses.

these guys will never fail to brighten your day. when you hear them you cannot help but smile. because of that, i listen to them often. they are passion pit.

like most fans, i first came across their song sleepyhead and then, immediately, fell in love. because if you have heard sleepyhead, that is pretty much the only thing you can do. but for today i have chosen to share an equally wonderful and genius song of theirs. may your ears be blessed.


you know what is really easy to do? give up. on, you know, anything, really. there are so many projects and ideas and plans in my life that i have started, and then halfway through [if i get that far] i give up. unspoken-like. you won't see me throw my hands in the air, dust 'em off, and exclaim, FORGETTHIS. but. i just sort of leave it in a neat little pile at my feet and tip toe away, when no one is looking. i am sneaky that like that. 

and what is even easier? having a perfectly good excuse ready and waiting if i ever do need to address my poor productivity. there always is one. except, it usually is not so perfect, nor is it really a good one, either. 

whether it is a declaration to keep my apartment tidy, or drink less coffee, or work out more, or spend more time doing nice things for other people, or keep in touch regularly with far away friends and family who i love a lot, or finish my degree. any and all of those things and more. somehow or another, i may or may not follow through. you guys, i have a commitment problem. to those things. i love setting goals, but there are few that i actually accomplish. and it is not that i can't. and i don't say this to be hard on myself. but, no, never mind - yes, to be a little bit hard on myself, because, really, it is necessary at a certain point to evaluate the areas in our individual lives where we see improvement can - and should - be made. i am not a maniac; i don't expect to, you know, tomorrow, be accomplished of all the things i have ever set out to do. but do i want to, over time, and with effort, be conscientious of the goals and commitments i make both to myself and to others? absolutely, i do. 

just some thoughts. obviously, i have been doing heaps of thinking about tons and tons of things. it's good, too. difficult. but good. i am just glad that i am thinking, allowing it. that i am able to without every thought drifting to negativity. it's a good sign. and i am thankful to you, dear readers, for listening.

today's truth: i am taking the right steps to feel better. 

happy wednesday, friends. 


  1. This post is so well written and really means a lot as I'm the same with sneakily giving up on things (also, yes to passion pit especially in summer) :) lovely xx

    1. thank you lizzie! and YES, totally perfect for summer!


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