Monday, April 2

make-a-goal monday


this is coffee to me. love. as in, i love coffee. you may have realized by my mention  of it every other post. it wasn't always this way. i used to hate hate hate the taste of it. and then, ironically, starbucks converted me. i say "ironically" because starbucks has really gross tasting coffee, relatively, but that wasn't what did it to me. it was my employment there for, collectively, over two years. you just kind of become accustomed to coffee when you rely on it every day at 4:30 in the morning to wake you for your opening shift. so. that's when i became an addict.

and now, i drink it just because i love it. because i do like the taste. but like all people who are addicted to something, i am out of control. so much so, that my body hardly even reacts to the caffeine anymore. i swear, i could drink a big ol' cup of joe as i'm tucking myself in for the night, and fall asleep soundly. that is not normal. 

so for the sake of my body, health, and bank account....

goal: this week, when i want some coffee, i will drink tea instead. well, you know, water would probably be even better, but i have to wean myself somehow, guys. so tea it is. 


  1. oh, I totally know what you mean about being addicted to did the tea thing go? did it work? i try to substitute coffee with tea sometimes but it's just not the same....the weird thing is I drank a lot of tea when I lived in England. go figure! :-)

    1. you know, it went okaaayyy...not perfect. i did treat myself to a couple coffees....BUT, i did ask for decaf! that's something, right? yeah, tea is just not the same. i love it and all, but it's not the same. shoot, i should just move to england. i feel like 98% of my problems would be solved if i moved to england. i kid, i kid...sort of.


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