Tuesday, March 27

why i'm doing a "monday" post on a tuesday

because, you guys, for the past three weeks i have been meaning to reinstate an old series of mine called "make-a-goal monday." and i have forgotten. every. time. including yesterday. well, ptooey on that. instead of waiting a whole week more, i am just going to declare  my goal for this week on a tuesday. tuesdays are perfectly fine days for declarations.

for those of you who are newer readers, or who have simply forgotten, as it has been quite awhile, i used to be good and dedicated to make-a-goal mondays, setting personal, short term goals for myself, bettering myself week by week, and urging you to join me or to make a goal of your own. and then one day, so it happened, i just wasn't very good at them anymore. call it laziness, if you will. but lately (as in the past three weeks), i have been really feeling like it would be prudent to pick up the slack once again. so.


goal: eat less processed foods, and more fresh fruits and veggies.

for a vegan, i eat a surprisingly little amount of actual vegetables. let me tell you, if anyone knows how to do vegan the unhealthy way, it is me. somehow, because of my magnet-like abilities to find anything processed, sugar-filled and fattening, i have managed to locate almost every location in the city and grocery store aisles where this junk is sold. furthermore, i am good at eating it. take, for example, the daiya cheese nachos i inhaled for dinner last night. or the gluten/dairy-free mac n' cheese that is currently sitting in my freezer. next to the coconut milk ice cream.

so for this week, i plan on eating food that gives actual nourishment to my body, and feel a little better because of it.

for those who would like to join me on my healthy eating quest this week, good luck! and let me know if you have any tasty recipes/food ideas. i love tasty recipes and food ideas. OR, please share what goal you would like to accomplish this week.


  1. You will def see a big change!!!! Veggies are your friend! :) I Pinterest it up for finding recipes!! is one of my favorite recipe websites!

    1. michelle, that is what i am hoping for! ope, veggies really are the best aren't they? i've been a terrible friend back. oh great! i will definitely check that out, thank you!

  2. I've been eating a ton of veggies lately. I've always loved them but never found the time or cared to introduce them into my diet till recently. It's been a lot of fun cooking with them as well as enjoying all the simple delicious snacks you can use them for :)

  3. i have the same problem, i go back and forth between eating enough vegetables and then not so much:( i think it has to do with when i start to get too lazy to plan meals and cook! good luck on your goals, and i'd love to hear any recipes if you find some new ones!


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